6 tips to remove glass scratches


Does your child pass the small scratches on the glass when playing? The dog scratched the window and left a few scratches? Or maybe some small scratches have been received during the movement of the window? We always want to know how to remove these traces, but it is usually powerless. Of course, we cannot repair those large and deep scratches. In this case, it is necessary to consider replacing the glass. However, you can consider using the correct cleaning product to repair it with micro -scratches! The following is how to erase the shallow scratches on the window glass, door, convex window, and even windshield to restore it.

These techniques can also be used to dilute the scratches on the body!

1) Wipe off the scratches on the window with a toothpaste

Our households have them, which is very convenient because it is very suitable for preventing mild scratches! In addition, it can help lighten the small scratches on the old CD or glasses and keep them in a good state. The trick is to choose a classic white paste. Most importantly, do not use colored or gels containing crystals or micro beads, they may further scratch the surface to be treated. You can also add a small amount of sodium bicarbonate to improve efficiency.

2) Soda, very useful on the glass

This little white powder definitely understands everything! To use it here, it must be mixed with a small amount of water to make a thick paste to glow and remove scratches. You can use this paste to erase the surface marks on the glass.

3) Eliminate the scratches on the window with tobacco ash

Friends who smoke, the things in your tobacco cylinder can finally come in handy. In fact, we don’t always know how to deal with it. However, ash can do anything to glow with silverware … and prevent small scratches on the surface of the glass. A soft wet cloth or soaked wet cloth with a super fine fiber, bid farewell to scratches! The damaged glass will restore all its glory.

4) Clane, ideal multi -purpose product

As we all know, this environmentally friendly cleaning product can clean and remove all surface oils. We are interested in this mild polishing effect! Take it out of the dry sponge and quickly and thoroughly erase the scratches.


5) White 垩 powder, very effective

If you do not have ash on hand, you will get the same effect with white pink powder. This chalk and lime powder are very suitable for applying wet cloth or wet sponge.

6) Professional solutions for removing window scratches as the last means

The body is often affected by scratches. This is why you can find everything needed to remove scratches at the garage or body manufacturer. The mechanic can recommend the car of the car, the scratch scratch to make up the paint, and even apply the scratch to remove the cream on the window with scratches. Slight scratches will be removed soon!