High -end leather shoes zero -degree in micro -quotient: why not be afraid of random price and fake goods


[Yibang Power Network News] A few days ago, Tu Chunrong, a zero -degree CEO of the high -end men’s shoes brand, revealed to Yibang Power Network that zero degrees has begun to get involved in micro -business and support ordinary users to open micro -stores at low cost.

According to Yibang Power Network, zero -degree positioning of high -end handmade men’s shoes brands, the online price range is between 500 yuan and 1200 yuan. Earlier, the price of micro -business has been criticized and fakes.

However, Tu Chunrong believes that Weishang represents a development trend in the future. It can make full use of the social resources between people and spread the store through mobile WeChat to all parts of the country, including the countryside, so you still have to try it. “Randoming and fake goods can be solved through the system. We will not escort the goods to the owner of the micro -shop shop, nor will we let them have the right to set the price of goods.”

Tu Chunrong introduced that the zero -degree WeChat distribution system is a cooperation with a third -party service provider. After the user opens the micro -shop distribution, all the products in the distribution store are directly synchronized with the system of the official micro -stores that are zero. The payment is also directly paid to the official micro -store platform, so that there is no fake problem, thereby protecting the interests of the brand and users.

It is reported that after the user enters the public WeChat account with zero degrees in the future, you can see the option of “I want to open a store”, and the user can open its own WeChat store, and the zero -level product WeChat circle of friends. You can get commissions for purchase.

In addition, because the account of the zero -degree headquarters has set the discount quota through my answer to the bank’s binding, so after the transaction order is generated, the bank can directly return the commission by the bank as the agent. convenient.

It is worth mentioning that the official WeChat platform of zero degrees not only has product information, but also the game area, interactive community, and news content. Other WeChat shop owners can share these news information and various small games to avoid all kinds of promotional information. And the disgust.

Tu Chunrong pointed out that the WeChat WeChat store may set up 2,000 places in the early stage of distribution, and temporarily set up shops with two -level relationships, that is, the first -level WeChat store can develop second -level stores, first -tier stores can be from the sales of second -level stores. Get part of the rebate commission. However, these stores must all produce real sales. If some shops have not sold for two or three consecutive months, they will be closed without sales. They will provide opportunities to others.

In addition, although the zero -degree micro -business system may be facing all ordinary users in the future, zero micro -business must also be closely united with the offline system. In 2015, zero -degree will increase the progress of opening offline stores and improve the entire brand ecosystem. At the same time, zero -degree will be closely linked to online and offline.

“If there are 1,000 offline stores in the future, there are 6,000 customer service staff, and they can open 6,000 micro -stores. The performance of these micro -shops will be included in everyone’s business.” Tu Chunrong said: “In the future PC PC in the future The terminal and wireless end will complete the transition, and the online and offline will really interact. Each of our offline stores has a corresponding micro -store, which can provide users with comprehensive services. No matter where users are, we can meet his needs. “,”

In the future, zero degrees will also serve users through more new technologies on the mobile terminal. Tu Chunrong said: “In the future, we will also invest in similar feet measurement tools and WeChat connections. Users only need to take a few photos for their feet with their mobile phones, and can analyze the user’s feet and feet after uploading to the official WeChat store of zero degrees. Type, guide users to buy shoes. “


Regarding whether it is suitable for high -end leather shoe products to sell through the channels of micro -business, Tu Chunrong bluntly stated: “In the future, Weishang can sell everything, as long as users can trust the quality of products. Of course But I think these are not problems. “

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