Chen Hong has a sense of lady, short leather grass with leather pants is high -level, and few young people are dressed up. Some people try it.


#What to wear today#



Middle -aged women wear

In fact, it has always been a very popular topic. The main reason is that many people don’t know much about this, so there will be a lot of questions.

Because middle age is often considered by some people

Embarrassing age stage

And in terms of wear, it is also in one

Turn point,

Some women feel wearing because of some worldly concepts

Can’t be too fashionable

, So I often wear some comparisons

Old -fashioned clothes

Although this approach will be more comfortable.

However, it has lost the right to chase the beauty, so it is actually not advisable. Women at each age have decided themselves.

Right to wear

There is also the right to pursue the beauty in your heart.

But the middle -aged woman’s wear does need a certain amount

Experience and skills

, Also need a certain

Aesthetic ability

Like Chen Hong’s dress, it is actually more representative.

And her dress is also complete for many ordinary women

Can learn from

Yes, you can learn from the beauty of mature and domineering completely

Chen Hong’s wear

Let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

Recommended style for middle -aged women-

Short -sleeved fur

Chen Hong has a sense of lady, and the short -leather and leather pants are very advanced. Chen Hong has shaped a lot of unforgettable when he was young

Classic character


, Also the youth of many people

Idol and Goddess

Although Chen Hong is now in middle age, but in fashion,



But it is getting stronger, her dress is actually very good

Multi -style

However, most styles are in line with the temperament and environment of middle -aged women.

Many middle -aged women have been born with children and their children have grown up, so I don’t have to work as hard as young, and they can also show themselves.

Mature charm

You can try some comparisons when choosing clothing



For example, some lady -style clothing is very suitable for middle -aged women. Such -style clothing is more available


For example, fur is very very

Classic style,

It is difficult for young people to wear fur, and it is not enough to control this style without enough middle -aged women.

Some people may think fur

The design is too exaggerated

Then you can try a more natural and simple style in daily life, such as short lapel fur

Very low -key

, Match with wide sleeves or seven -point sleeve

Very good,



Bloated and vulgar

Feeling, the design of the wide -sleeved design with a gentle lapel even has some

Elegant and elegant


The length of the short version will be more displayed

Body proportions

, Never appear

Heavy head


Xiaoxiangfeng knitted short shirt

The classic styles are basically baptized by years, and it is also screened after the elimination of years. There are actually many such styles.



But the classic design is also the most

Suitable for middle -aged women

It, because many people don’t like too much when choosing clothes

Fashionable style

Although the classic style has always been in a popular circle, it is not limited by the times. It is a style like wine.

Middle -aged women can try when choosing clothes

More classic


Xiaoxiang style style,

This style is also favorite for many elegant women. For women of different ages

More friendly.

For example, in autumn and winter, it is very suitable for wearing some

Xiaoxiangfeng’s coat

, Like knitted materials or woolen materials, they are all very designed and

Will not show fat


Elegant is never outdated, and the small fragrant wind coat has almost such temperament. If you want to wear it out


If you, you can try to bring some




The style, and the short jacket will be easier to wear

The sense of fashion and style of fashion.

Recommended colors for middle -aged women-


The rice white series is biased towards

Soft white

There will be a kind of color


The feeling, this restrained retro temperament is also very suitable for middle -aged women. When choosing this kind of clothing, you can try some

Plush products.

Because rice white plush clothing is actually


More cute

It is also a very age -reducing dressing effect. Secondly, this kind of clothing can also show

Domineering style,

So it is a style and personality

Very rich

Middle -aged women wear.


Although gray is several kinds of clothing

One of the basic colors

, But gray is actually


More fashionable


Some, first of all, gray is clearer than black, and the light color will be easy to wear

Layered sense and agility

a feeling of.


Fashionable effect.

You can try some when choosing a gray clothing


This style will be even more


Some, this color will also show a kind of

Low -key texture.

Recommendation of middle -aged women-

Short fur+wide -leg leather pants

Chen Hong’s temperament has not changed, but she is like a middle -aged person, fur with leather pants



Essence Fur has always been considered expensive costumes, but many people will be too exaggerated when they match, resulting in the loss of fur fur

Noble sense.

When matching fur, you can actually use some or fashionable or handsome temperament

Neutral and fur temperament


For example, cutting elegant and wild wide -leg leather pants is very suitable

The texture of the fur



Domineering and elegant

And this mix and match is also very fashionable, the effect of wide -legs will also

It’s relatively thin.

Suit suit set+lace shirt

The suit jacket is a more career -oriented dress, but this kind of match is easy

Seem boring

, Middle -aged women can try some with a suit suit

Feminine design

For example, a lace shirt will make the suit become a suit

More agile

Some, this combination will be more visually more

Vividly has layers.