Recently, a coat is popular: called “leather coat”, warm and temperament, comfortable and versatile


The popular elements in the fashion circle are always changing. Maybe last month you still disliked itself, this month becomes the darling of major stars or fashion bloggers. Just like woolen coats and down jackets that are popular every year, although it is warm and versatile, when you see the same models on the street, you really don’t want to wear it anymore.

When it comes to the keywords popular this year, it is still not possible

Big women, neutral wind, cool handsome

These points, the previously popular small incense winds and sweet winds are rare in autumn and winter.

Therefore, this autumn and winter, the coat is the first choice of “leather coat”, so that your dressing is almost bursting, and the leaps of multiple styles can be satisfied.

Earlier, many people had a sense of rejection of “leather coat”. In fact, this did not find the charm of “leather coat”. The leather coat has a unique refreshing and domineering sense. Gives the effect of softness and rigidity, and has a more long charm, making you a

Power Woman

This is this year’s dress.

Today, let’s take a look with Xiaobian, how to match such a cool “leather coat”!

How to wear “leather coat”?


The leather coat allows you to get a variety of styles. It even looks more fashionable than other styles. It not only increases your temperament, but also allows you to have a modern retro, senior capable, and cool handsome connector. The change of style, how to make this leather coat a daily highlight, look down at you.

1. Get “leather coat” main point

Let the leather coat have versatile and can change various styles, it must be


Black leather coat


Dao Dao. It is not picky about figure and has a long time. It does not need to be afraid of errors.


: Putting can change various styles, such as cool handsome GIRL style, big women style, retro style, etc., of course, the most suitable style of slightly fat girls.



: If the match is not proper, it will appear too dull or masculine.


TIPS1: Choose a dark color system in leather coat

Black style is versatile and classic, but there is no unique sense of wear, but no matter what style of leather coat is selected, try to choose a dark style style, because the leather style can increase the personality of the wear. Select light or bright colors, it will look too obtrusive. for example

Deep -brown

The leather coat will look more calm than the black style.

Tips2: Add some fluffy

If the leather coat looks more gentle, add some fluff design to stitch with the leather coat. This style can make the dress look too sharp. gas. Generally, the fluff is dotted in the collar, the corners of the clothes, and the position of the sleeve, or the place where the middle sewing is. It will look better ~

2. Get “leather coat” inner choice


Learn what style of choosing the inside of the coat can make you show with a variety of styles. All the dressing is the overall state, so whether it is upper or down the choice of choice cannot be ignored. Because it can make you stylish, you can also modify your figure, thin and high.

(1) Put

Gentle inside = knit sweater


The combination of leather coats and gentle knitted sweater shows a rigid and soft way of dressing. You must know that the style of the leather coat is loose version, then the soft fabric or the slim style of the leather coat can modify the imperfect places of the upper body, especially the strawberry type or apple -shaped girl with a sweater.


Intellectual inner use = shirt

The fabrics of the leather coat are soft materials. For example, girls with narrow shoulders. In addition to using leather coats with shoulder -pads, they need to choose hard materials, such as shirts. The shirt is thin, but the lines are full. It can not only make you very stylish, but also reduce the bulky sense of leather coat.

Casual inside = sweater

The combination of sweaters and leather coats can not only look casual but also handsome. Especially the black+black match is full of street style wear, and the sweater can give people a casual and comfortable feeling. It not only has the effect of keeping warm. As a daily out of the street, you will definitely become the coolest handsome on the street. girl.


(2) Installation

Classic style = jeans

The combination of leather coats and jeans is the most classic match, and how long the two are matched together will not make people feel tired. To make jeans a more energetic effect, it still uses dad’s jeans. This high waist is high waist. This high waist is high waist. The mop design easily highlights the effect of one meter eight meters long.

Add hole breaking design:

The jeans are added with a hole in the hole, and the combination of the leather coat is more harmonious and more wild.


Modify leg type = split pants


The longer the legs can be modified, the ankle part is the key point of the entire leg, so now the trendy fashion trousers are also designed. The sexy is the most suitable with the leather coat. Girls with general legs, choose the position of the ankle just to the ankle.


Retro flavor = plaid skirt


The leather coat must be more simple to match, and the matching with the skirt is more suitable. The leather coat itself has a retro style. It will not be so strong, but together with the retro style, it can show the modern and retro wear. Put, this is a checkered skirt, which is full of elegant taste with the leather coat.

Third, leather coat の mix demonstration

Example 1: Leather coat+small white pants+daddy shoes


The combination of leather coats and small white pants, the color of the selected color is best black style, the color can produce a strong contrast, and the dressing seems to be a lot of eye -catching. Little white shoes are the most delicious with daddy shoes. They can also appear to be young and comfortable to wear. If you want to reduce the hard breath of the leather coat, use a scarf to modify it.

Example 2: Leather coat+straight pants+socks boots

Girls with not straight legs should choose straight pants with pants. This kind of dressing can show the effect of feeling neat. Girls with short -legged legs need to be paired with medium -length coats without pressing one, and a pair of socks and boots. The style of socks and boots is full of femininity and sexy taste.

Example 3: leather coat+dress+mid -boots

The style of the leather coat can create a sweet and sweet dress, and it can also make the cool style of the leather coat look softer. It presents the creation of the mother -style style. However, the disadvantage of dressing in winter is the problem of not warmth. Adopting the stacking method and the middle boots can fully resist the cold wind.


This year’s fashionable “leather coat” is really handsome, preparing one to wear is definitely bonus your face value!