The master reminds: These three “aristocratic lacquer”, do not touch the family at home, be careful of paint


Young people are open -minded, they like to be different from others. When they buy a car, they do not want to choose the public color such as black, white, and gray. They are more willing to choose those colorful colors. The bright colors are indeed young and very personal, but the color of the car is too personal, and the pressure of car raising will become larger in the future. Once the car paint is scratched, it is difficult to repair it.


Because of the ten -year painting experience master, the painted lacquer has summarized several particularly difficult to replenish the color of the car paint. These three colors are very beautiful, but the difficulty of replenishment is almost proportional to their color. Even like him, it is like him. The master with 10 years of experience cannot be repaired as the original. Many car owners regret their intestines because the car paint cannot be restored.

The first car paint, Mazda’s red

Red is a kind of vibrant color, and there are many owners who choose red cars now. Many car companies have red models, but their red and Mazda’s soul red still gap. The removal of ordinary red car paint is not difficult, and Mazda’s soul movement is very difficult to make up.

Mazda conducted a lot of experiments in order to prepare a color of its own brand, and finally prepared this bright red. This color modulation process is very complicated, and the color temperature control is very strict when spraying paint.

The second car paint, pearl light paint


It is not difficult to see from its name. This kind of car paint has a kind of pearl and treasure, which is destined to cost this car paint. Generally, this pearl paint will only be used on high -end cars and luxury cars.

The pearl paint is a kind of white car paint, which is made of Yunmu particles added to the paint. Under the sun, the body will emit colorful colors. The modulation of pearl paint is also very difficult, and the spray paint process is very complicated. There are special process requirements on the spraying of the capacitor layer. If there is a slight difference, it will produce other color differences.


Such car paint has bumps. It is not necessarily willing to help find someone to repair it. Even if the cost of replenishing the paint is found, it is much higher than the ordinary cost.

The third type of car paint, metal white


Although they are also white car paint, they are also divided into different grades. Pearl paint and metal white are relatively high -end white car paint, and they will only appear on high -end models. The color of metal white looks very expensive, and it can make people feel its sense of high level.


Metal white paint is the same as Yunmu paint. The price is very expensive, and the production process is very troublesome. It is not easy to find a painter with such a technology, which also increases the cost of painting. If it is not at home, paint can make up for people.

Editor short review:

As the saying goes: it is easy to buy a car and it is difficult to raise a car. Buying a car is not a single consumer activity. After buying a car, you need to raise a car. If you pursue your personality when buying a car and choose this extraordinary car paint, it means that the expenditure of car raising will increase in the future. If you don’t want to have this “sweet” burden, try not to pursue personality when buying a car. Although ordinary car paint is popular, it is difficult to repair, and the cost is cheaper, which can save a lot of money.

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