During World War II cold weapons, two military slingshots


During World War II, the US Strategic Intelligence Agency (OSS) was very interested in low-noise special equipment. Previously, we have introduced the SAC-46 “flying dragon” air gun developed by the department. Today, I will introduce the other two. The series of military crossbow actually thinks that they are not crossbow but slingshots.


Big Joe 5 Crossbow is a weapon for American and British intelligence agencies. Its essence is a slingshot. Daqiao No. 5 has a triangular stable framework structure that can withstand the power of rubber bands to bear the power of rubber bands , Sagittarius has two grips in front and back, and there is a folding gun at the rear.

The power of the crossbow comes from 300 rubber bands. They are divided into two sets of metal stable frames installed triangular, which can generate 550 pounds of huge tension. There is a hand -shaken pulley above the grip to pull the rubber band in place and connect to connect. The two groups of rubber bands are a metal slider. After the trigger is released, it will move forward quickly on the metal slide rail on the transmitter, so that the arrows placed on the track will be launched.

The structure of Daqiao 5 is simple and the production is simple enough. It can be completed by a small workshop. It is also convenient to carry and transport. The most important thing is that its power is equally considerable. The maximum range is 250 yards and the best range is within 100 yards.


Xiao Qiao (


Little Joe)


It is a supplementary design to Daqiao, a smaller pistol slingshot. Xiao Qiao uses an aluminum structure. It has a bow arm similar to bow and arrow, but its strength still comes from rubber bands. The upper bow arm can be moved backwards. When you pull it, you can drive the bowstring (rubber band) to move backwards and use a pistol trigger to release the bowstring.

Xiao Qiao launched a special small feather arrow. The front is an arrow made of metal. The rear is wooden. It is equipped with natural feathers. There is a curved metal sheet buckle at the tail. Because it was blocked by the bow arm and unable to install a sight, Xiao Qiao’s sight was on the left and used the gap to the door.


Compared to Daqiao, Xiao Qiao is worse in size and power. It weighs 1.2 kg, 330 mm long, 203 mm high, and aiming at only 30 yards.

Although Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao have served during World War II, they have a small number of service and the mute effect in actual use, but the effective range and accuracy are not as good as guns. It is difficult to have the opportunity to make up for the knife as soon as it is killed. In contrast, the special mute firearm performance during World War II is very good, such as the British Willoral Audio pistol.