Driving must be known: What kind of seat belt is divided into, the working principle and role of the car seat belt


Driving must be known: What kind of seat belt is divided into, the working principle and role of the car seat belt! Prevent individual protective equipment that workers suspended safely after falling or falling at high places. According to the different conditions of use, it can be divided into the following three categories: by ropes around fixed constructor or binding the human body near the fixed constructor, so that the operators’ hands can perform other operation seat belts. To limit the scope of the operator’s activity, to avoid the seat belts that may reach the area that may occur. When the work or ascending personnel falls at a high place, the seat belt hangs on the operator.


The common three -point seat belt on the car is mainly composed of a synthetic fiber belt, roller, lock device, and buckle. Its synthetic fibrous woven belt is mainly composed of three materials: polyester, palloralion and nylon. There is a centrifugal clutch inside the scroll, which can generate axial displacement by relying on the centrifugal force along the clutch rod. When the rotation speed of the scroll suddenly accelerates, that is, when the seat belt is suddenly pulled quickly, the centrifugal force will cause the clutch lever in the scroll to extend the outward, and promote the cam movement on the roller’s shell. Drag the spiny paws into the groove on the scroll roller. When the dough of the spiny paw is locked into the wheel’s teeth, it will naturally prevent the roller from rotating, and the seat belt will be locked.


The role of seat belt

Automobile seat belt is an important passive safety part, plays a constraint and buffer effect. When the collision accident occurs, the seat belt locks through the internal locking mechanism, so as to “bind” the occupant “bind” on the seat, reduce the danger of the second collision of the occupant, and avoid the passengers from being in danger of rolling the vehicle and the danger of rolling and turning in the vehicle. Putting away the seats to protect and prevent the occupants from being severely or fatal.


When riders are riding a car, the body should try to maintain a state of upright, which is conducive to your back close to the back of the seat, so as to maximize the effectiveness of the seat belt and achieve the purpose of protecting the safety of the passenger Essence But one thing to note is that the tilt of the general seat should not exceed 30 degrees, otherwise it will also weaken the protective effect of the seat belt. Therefore, unless you stop the car and rest, generally, it is not recommended to lay the car seat on the car seat while the car is unsafe, and it will also affect the driving of the car.