Don’t put a brain into a wall plate, and then decide after reading the advantages and disadvantages


Is the integrated wall board decoration? After reading its advantages and disadvantages, then decide?


1. What is an integrated wall board?

Do you know the integrated ceiling? In fact, integrated wall plates are similar to this concept. It is to fix the processed wall plate and keel on the original wall. There is no need to work hard to deal with the wall surface, saving layers of paint, polishing, and coating technology, saving time and effort than traditional walls.

Integrated wall boards are new decoration materials that are only available in recent years, so it is still very fresh for many families, and dare not try. There are currently two integrated walls, aluminum alloy or bamboo fiber on the market.

The aluminum composite integrated wall is composed of aluminum -magnesium alloy and polyurethane foam layer. Bamboo fiber is made of bamboo powder, wood powder, light carbonate, polyvinyl chloride, polymer, polymer resin and other auxiliary materials.

2. Integrated wall plates and traditional walls face advantages and disadvantages

Compared with the traditional wall, the integrated wall board is the advantage. Can home decoration choose integrated wall board now?


The integrated wall board has excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, moisture -proof, hardness and other properties, while at the same time, it has excellent three -dimensional and more beautiful. Let us talk about the advantages of integrated wall boards.

01. Easy installation.

The installation of integrated wall plates is fast, and the installation efficiency is much higher than the traditional wall decoration, which saves labor costs. Conventional wall brushes of putty powder, primer, top paint, glue, cement mortar and other processes. When installing the integrated wall, there is no need to shovel the wall. Do keel directly on the blank wall (if the wall is not flat, you can use keels to be flat) or directly installed, saving the wall treatment. Second, the integrated wall is mostly stitched and installed. The processing method is the same as the solid wood. And it is very convenient to install ordinary functions.

02. Insulation.

Insulation, insulation, sound insulation. Compared with ordinary walls, the sound insulation effect of integrated home walls can be reduced by 29 decibels. This can effectively improve the home environment and does not affect others. Many rooms use integrated walls. In particular, the aluminum alloy wall board is generally used in filling materials, and the sound insulation insulation is good.

03. Clean and convenient.

Traditional wallpapers, paint, and whiteness are very easy to get dirty and difficult to clean. However, the integrated wall plate surface is waterproof and moisture. Wipe it with a rag to easily remove the stains. In addition, integrated wall boards have moisture -proof performance, especially suitable for southern decoration. Solved the problem of moldy decoration caused by leakage in the southern family.


04. Save labor costs.

Compared with ordinary decoration, integrated wall boards save about 20,000 yuan at the artificial service level.


Third, the shortcomings of integrated wall boards.


01. Shield signal.

Because the integrated wall plate uses an aluminum alloy wall plate is a metal material, it will cause problems such as weak electricity, easy deformation, and shielding signals.

02. It is difficult to choose from mixed fish and dragons.

At present, the integrated wall materials on the market are uneven. Unlike the traditional wall material market, it is relatively stable and mature, so it is easy to encounter some bad brands to affect the quality of decoration when buying.

03. Single shape and rustic.


Because the integrated wall plate shape is simple, it cannot satisfy the complex arc shape. If your ceiling is plaster and other materials, this requires the wall and ceiling to coordinate the process to ensure perfect matching. Once the matching is not good, there will be a cheap plastic sense.

04. The price is high.

The integrated wall is a mid -to -high -end product, so the price will be relatively high. The price is about 280 yuan per square meter, similar to diatom mud. The price of integrated walls is still higher than ordinary walls, but the construction time is reduced, so labor costs will be lower than ordinary walls.

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