Blue Demon: Summer rose sunscreen methods, recommended use in the south


Yesterday, a flower friend told the Lan Demon that the rose I bought before was killed before. I wanted to come to the southern region. Now it has indeed entered summer, high temperature exposure, and the days when the rose plants are really difficult. Once, the barbecue mode will also be turned on. The problem of sun protection and cooling of the rose should also be put on the agenda and prepare first. So how can we help the rose potted plants safe in summer? The Blue Demon gives you the following three small suggestions.


Precautions for summer rosettes for potted sun protection cooling

In the case of outdoor basin in summer, the pot soil is prone to overwhelming. The hair roots of the rose during the season are burned, and the absorption problem is prone to occur. Perm, instead of saying that the rose leaves cannot be exposed, this direction must be clearly figured out, so it is not simply shaded to solve.

1. Use the basin insulation of the basin

When we have a flower bodhisattva, we are mostly used in plastic flower pots. The wall of the pot is relatively thin. The hair root of the rose after the sun is easily scalded. Therefore, we must try to avoid the sunlight directly to the flower pot.

You can use the method of pots to block the heat of the sun, find a pot 1-2 larger than the flower pot, put the rose pot plants in, small flower pot jacket and large flower pot, so that the sun is exposed to the large flower pot After the cover of the large flower pot, the small flower pot will not be so hot, the temperature of the pot soil will naturally be relatively low, and the environment of the rose -rooted environment can be more comfortable.


2. Paste the insulation film outside the flower pot

For flower friends with a small number of potted plants, the pots are more difficult, so you can use a more feasible method to stick a sunscreen insulation film for flower pots.

The results of the development of science and technology, we can also use more when raising flowers, the sunscreen film for the roof for sunscreen, you may wish to buy some, cut it out, wrap it outside the flower pot, and you can also play a better sunscreen separation. Thermal effect.

Many sunscreen films are with gels, but the blue demon recommends that you do not directly put the sunscreen film on the flower pot, so as not to remove it until the autumn, it may be more troublesome. It is convenient and can be used repeatedly.

The flower buddies who have cultivated the moon on the top of the south, the blue demon recommends you to try it.

3. Avoid putting directly on the cement floor

Flower pots on the top of the building are often placed directly on the cement floor. In fact, this is not good. The cement floor will be very hot after the sun is exposed. The flower pots directly put on the cement floor, and the root system at the bottom is also easy to burn.

It is recommended that in the summer of the cement floor on the roof or courtyard, in summer, it is best to use the flower pot to high or use a flower stand. The water can be lost in time, and it is not easy to get rid of it.

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