What should I do if wearing a lamb hair coat and swollen and soil? The best “selection+match” is here, please refer it



#Practical wear skills#


Warm jacket


So many, there are down jackets, coats and lamb hairy jackets. The down jacket is definitely the most warm but not fashionable. The fashionable coat is difficult to resist the cold wind. Only

Lamb hairy jacket

You can take into account both fashion and temperature ~


And lamb hairy coats are super comfortable to the touch, furry, more cute to wear on the body. But lamb hair

Self -expansion

We can’t avoid the attributes, so the selection of money has become very important. Interested ladies can look down.


1. Avoid oversize

Comes with the attribute of the expansion, so when choosing, be sure to

Avoid oversize


Otherwise, it is like wearing a “quilt”, which is fat and strong. The micro version is just right.

This is the first lamb hairy jacket I chose.

Shoulder line position


It is not designing, and the looseness of the sleeves is just right.

turtleneck sweater


It is best for the inside of the round neck jacket.


The lambs of the previous piece of lambs are more design, so it is delicate to wear. This one is very simple, but it feels cute and loved.

It is also very simple to wear exquisiteness.

Two necklaces in stacking

You must know that good use of accessories is also a way to enhance the sense of advancement.

Often this simple jacket is the least easy to wear a bloated feeling. If you like this, hurry up ~


This lamb lastern clothes belong to

Boyfriend style

The loose silhouette is not the oversize model. Cotton is light and warm, and it is not a problem to wear it in the south.

It is not until wearing this coat that I know “

The girl is handsome and there is no boy. What’s wrong?

“The true meaning of this sentence.

2. The upper and lower positions of the waist

The version is selected, and then we must choose the length that suits you. If you don’t choose well, remember that the length is in

Waist 5cm up and down


The location is just.

Chessboard element

I didn’t start with the jacket, this one, this one

The looseness and length are very suitable for me. There is no sense of conflict with it with sports pants or small black pants.

And this length of lamb hair jacket with tight pants is particularly popular this year. Sneakers on your feet have a pair of white socks, and white socks should be put on tight pants.

This lamb hairy jacket is added inside

Diamond cotton

, The effect of keeping warm and locking is absolutely absolutely short, and it is a small short. It is really good to wear tight pants.

There are also drawing rope design in the jacket, and no longer need to worry about the wind blowing into the clothes, it also makes the shape more profitable.

Small incense wind


Did you start with the lamb hair jacket? Its length and looseness are very good, belonging to the existence of thin and thinner in the next pair.

With the small incense wind


The most suitable, choose a small range


A -line skirt

The ability to cover meat has weakened, but it is more elegant.


3. Try to avoid the long hair

Everyone is choosing

Will you choose short hairs or long hair? Tell you a knowledge point that the lamb hair is more than 3cm long, which will be visually wide and easy to wear.

It is really the greatest respect for the cold in winter. The soft and waxy texture will become full of milk, frozen and versatile.

Choose one next


Black sports pants


, And the lamb hairy jacket formed clearly


The effect of showing long legs will become more obvious.

A piece of lamb hairy case is good or not, you can feel it when you look at its hairs. The texture is the high -level visible to the naked eye, and the length is moderate.

The hooded design can give you more warmth. Take a pair of black leggings and let me wear it “

Upper Panasonic


“The effect, the legs are so thin!

Another one


The lamb hairy jacket, different from the previous one, has black edges, and has a better texture. It is an open style.

Use it with black

Straight skirt

It can obviously see the waistline position, the legs are long and optimized.


Apart from



As well as




Long hair

And there is


It is recommended to wear low saturation to increase the visual expansion of lamb hair.

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Lamb hairy jacket

Lamb hairy jacket


Lamb hairy jacket