New Jewelry World | Rainbow Sugar in Childhood World


Directly hit the rainbow sugar of visual taste buds

Give a little sweetness for childhood

Give the years a little idle

Show the gemy bright luster texture

Fresh and warm, soaring sweetness

Take you back to your childhood memory today

Experience the colorful of Hawaii Beach

Tropical style fruit candy

新饰界 | 童年世界里的彩虹糖

Bite away

The taste of childhood burst out from the tip of the tongue

It is the first bite of watermelon in the summer of childhood

It’s strawberry sharp

Have a girl’s heart

Not subject to age

Deep in the heart, always with sincerity and cuteness

Under the starry sky in summer night

新饰界 | 童年世界里的彩虹糖

Crisp laughter

新饰界 | 童年世界里的彩虹糖

Clean smile

The stars embellish the vast starry sky

Childhood illuminates our life

The world of adults may be slightly bitter

新饰界 | 童年世界里的彩虹糖

But you have to make a sweet rainbow sugar

Love colorful childhood

Love the unknown tomorrow