The world’s first living robot, now it will reproduce by themselves


( For thousands of years, various lives have been reproduced in order to continue their genes. Today, a artificial biological robot like “Eating Bean” has found a new path of reproduction.

On November 29, local time, researchers at the University of Vermont, the University of Tavz and the Harvard University Research Institute (WYSS Institute) published papers in the American Academy of Sciences (PNAS), describing the world’s first biological robot Xenobot (also known as “alien robot”) self -reproduction method.

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Last year, alien robots born in African claw frog stem cells have created ethical disputes in the scientific community. The news of self -reproduction of alien robots comes out, which has attracted the noise of public opinion. Some people are worried that alien robots will break through control and fight back humans. But scientists believe that this robot is the “future of the future” in the environmental protection and pharmaceutical community.

Alien robots collect cells and reproduce the official pictures of future descendants

According to news released by Harvard’s official website on the 29th, last year, Joshua Bongard, a professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Vermont, created the world’s first biological robot “Xenobot “”.


“Alien Robot” is not a traditional robot, nor is it a robot of a mechanical device, but a biopsy of less than 1 mm, that is, micro biological robots, much larger than microorganisms, and greater than some parasites. Banggard once defined this artificial life: “They are neither traditional robots nor a known animal species. This is a living, programmable organic body.”


According to the Bonda team, they first extracted live stem cells from the frog embryos, allowing them to incubate into cardiac cells and epidermal cells, and then patch together two cells together. Researchers observe how their unique structures (including cell arrangement and overall shape of spots) correspond to behavior.

After the relevant data sent to the computer scientist team sent to the University of Vermont, the latter used the digital version of the supercomputer cluster Deep Green to build a simulated environment on the digital version of the alien robot, and used the natural selection process of life evolution.

Based on this model, completing specific tasks in the simulation will be considered “appropriate”, thereby creating a new generation of “evolved” alien robots. The researchers also “carved” the reshapeing cells with tweezers and electrodes based on the design simulated by the super computer. The shape of the reshapeing cells is different, some are wedge -shaped, and some are arched.


Because alien robots are combined by African claw frog cardiac cells (contracted cells) and epidermal cells (passive cells), they have a variety of life traits of natural life. degradation.

The paper on the American Academy of Sciences describes the self -replication method of alien robots in sports. The report of the Harvard University Veos Research vividly described the “reproduction process”. It turned out that these organic bodies composed of claw frog cells can be swimmed to a diner, gathered hundreds of stem cells together, and then assembled new alien robots “babies” in the shape of “mouth” in their shape of bean -like “mouth”.

Alien robots who eat beans -shaped to promote loose cells to form a new cell cluster

A few days later, these “babies” became new alien robots, with the same aliens and movements as their father. Then, these new alien robots use the same way again, find cells, build their own “copies”, and repeat them weekly.

Dr. Banggard said: “With the correct design, they will self -copy themselves.”

Interestingly, artificial intelligence “lives well” in this process. Originally, the mother of the alien robot was composed of about 3,000 cells and was a sphere. It “can have children”, but there is no way to “breed systematically.” Through the artificial intelligence program simulation on the Deep Green supercomputing cluster of the University of Vermont, billions of body types were tested, including triangles, squares, starfish shapes, etc., the purpose is to make alien robots more effectively replicate.


Dr. Sam Kriegman, one of the thesis authors, said: “We once let the supercomputation understand how to adjust the shape of the father’s alien robot. After several months of operations, artificial intelligence came up with some strange designs. One of them is very much like eating beans … It is not something that human engineers can think of, why is there only one mouth, not five? “


Crigman submitted the design to another researcher Doug Blackiston, who eventually designed these robots that eat bean -like -man. “Then these parents created their children, the children created their grandson, and the grandson created the grandson ……. The correct design has greatly extended the number of offspring.”


Banggard commented: “We found that there is an unknown space in the organism or life system, and there is huge space. So how do we explore that space? We have created an alien robot that can walk and swim. Now we are in now In the study, it was found that alien robots can be replicated by sports. So what else will be after? “

Scientists wrote in the “National Academy of Sciences”: “Life is under the surface, hidden unexpected behaviors, to be discovered.”

With media reports, related research has caused heated discussion on social networks. “We are finished.” The columnist of the Microsoft Broadcasting Corporation (MSNBC), a well -known American media, summarized it briefly.

“Oh my god, will they run away and make another epidemic? They are already mocking us publicly.”

“Have these people have not watched science fiction movies before?”


Regarding public opinion disputes, Bondae responded that these millimeter -level alien robots are currently in the laboratory and can be easily destroyed. In addition, ethical experts from the federal, state, and academic institutions have reviewed this. What is really worrying is actually the real world. “We have a sense of moral responsibility to understand. Under what circumstances we can control it and guide it to extinguish it.”

He said that the new crown epidemic and environmental problems that the world are currently facing are capable of solving. “We propose the speed of solutions is very important. If we can learn from the alien robots and continue to develop technology, then we can use artificial intelligence to create new biological tools in the future, which will take a long time. It will take a long time. …… For example, using biological robots to extract micro -plastic or make new drugs from water. “

In addition, the research team also saw the prospect of regenerating medicine from the alien robot, which is one of the methods to solve trauma damage, birth defects, and even overcome cancer and aging.

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