2019 “China Cup” Creative Design Contest officially opened


A cup of tea is rich for thousands of years and condenses into the length of time; a glass of wine indulge in the landscape and accumulates the width of the rivers and mountains.

Between the cups and bowls, the 5,000 -year -old laughter, the master of the master. Beginning, finally cup!

Today, the four seas are rising and unique. This porcelain sound that belongs to the craftsman, and Ji Jiangnan, play the bell sound.

And you are willing to use your imagination, create art with stories, and let the artistic cup accompany more people’s lives?

A few days ago, co -sponsored by the Longquan Municipal People’s Government and the International Creative Design Alliance Oriental Cultural Research Center, the 2019 “China Cup” Creative Design Competition hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Longquan Municipal Party Committee and the Zhejiang Creative Design Association has been officially launched.


Faced with the collection of cup works that are inherited with the integration of innovative design and traditional craftsmanship from the whole society, it encourages the design innovation and creativity of the integration of celadon elements.

It is hoped that the original forces of the new generation of the new generation can follow and carry forward the fashion activation of the oriental culture of China, guide the cultural and creative design to close the lives of the public, and combine the cup culture elements with modern technology, artistic value and practical functions, creative design and market demand. Convey the cultural spirit of Oriental Cup and the concept of aesthetic fashion.

Encourage the application of new materials, new technologies, and new processes, and design works with innovative, practicality and leading.


“Finding the pulse · Shangya · Creation”


The contests collect the entries across the country, encouraging all the cultural and creative product design and development institutions that meet the theme of this competition and the requirements of the competition, the master of arts and crafts at home and abroad, the independent designer, the creative design team, the relevant teachers and students of the relevant college design Select the work with the unit.

Entry process

1. Registration: Scan the two -dimensional code of the special channel below the article, or click the original link in the lower left corner of the article to register for registration.

2. Information confirmation: The organizer confirms the information of the organization and personal information through the registration information of the registration channel.

3. Specialist docking: The full -time staff of the association uses WeChat with the registration designer to establish consulting and communication information channels

4. Design training: Select the special training of the participating designers for the site culture and design


5. Submission of works: Before October 5, 2019, all the entries are submitted.

(Physical work) mail address: No. 21 Ji Ru Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Contact: Ying Yanzhen Contact Tel: 15355015658

(Design information) Submit mailbox: zjscda@163.com

6. Achievement transformation: Design products get commercial incubation opportunities, assist in docking product companies, and achieve results transformation.

Contest consultation work WeChat

Contest and work requirements

1. The forms, materials, and appearance of the work collected in this competition are not limited. The design prototype is based on the “Chinese cup” culture, and the design innovation and creativity of the integration of celadon elements are encouraged to integrate the design innovation and creativity of celadon elements. Pay attention to the combination of traditional and trend, culture and technology, encourage the application of new materials, new technologies, and new processes, and design works with innovative, practicality, creativity and leading.

2. Participating works are divided into three categories: public space application, living space application, and outdoor leisure application according to the application of the scene.

3. Participating works need to indicate whether they have a large production capacity, the products are close to life, and the application of functional life scenes.

4. The design of the entries must consider the product design and the rationality of the process design, as well as factors such as the production cost and price positioning of the product, and encourage the innovation of modern celadon.

5. Promote the achievements of the innovation and creativity of intellectual property protection. Participants promise to have sufficient, complete, and independent intellectual property rights to the participating works. The organizer will cancel its qualifications for plagiarism or other infringements.

6. Participating works can be physical or renderings. The selection of physical works is preferred.

7. The real work requires a complete shock -absorbing packaging mail.

8. The renderings of the design scheme: (A3 vertical (420mm*297mm), 300dpi accuracy, JPG format, can ensure large facial injection and printing requirements (providing reference scroll cases); Wait, you can clearly express the creativity and design of the designer.

9. Participating works must submit text materials such as design description, market prospects, and application descriptions.

Special channel QR code for registration

About intellectual property rights

(1) The right to publicize, publish, and exhibitions of the organizers of the contest;

(2) If the results of the award -winning work are transformed, the organizer of the contest will give priority to obtaining authorization and the right to buy the work.

prize settings

The award setting of this competition is as follows:

1 prize of 1,000 yuan in gold awards; (before tax)

Silver prize 2 prizes of 8,000 yuan; (before tax)

Bronze prize 3 prizes of 6,000 yuan; (before tax)

20 outstanding creative awards awarded the award -winning certificate.