Twelve anti -proof hair was used, only these 4 models are effective!


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Not long ago, Dyson launched a high -priced automatic curly hair stick. Its black technology caused heated discussion. At the same time, a paragraph received high votes like:

Earlier, Quan Yan wrote an article about the cause of hair loss and solution, and found that everyone’s response was good, and I also started to study how to give birth because of this article inspirational.

After using 12 net red anti -removal, I found that the most effective one is these four models!


1. Fengtian Foltene suppresses three -piece sets

Its technical patent has been developed for 50 years, and it is specifically developed for seasonal, staying up late and postpartum hair loss.

Pure natural, hormone -free, mineral oil, except for everyone knows that amino acids are important nutrients that supplement the core,

The main ingredient is the natural seaweed essence, which can repair damaged hair follicles to help transport nutrition to the scalp to achieve the effect of anti -hair loss.

Shampoo: a touch of blue, the taste is relatively fresh, which is a low bubble shampoo;

Together: white paste, oily texture, very smooth;


: Because the light blue high concentration of seaweed essence powder is added, it becomes a light blue water -shaped essence after shaking well. ((

Suggestion: At the beginning, 1 bottle is used for 2 months every other day, and then 2 bottles of 2 bottles per week


Use effect: Overall it is used, and when about a week, the hair will not block the water mouth. At about a month, I can feel that the hair loss is significantly less, and the small fluff on the forehead also grows slowly.

2. Grow Gorgeous Anti -Disposal haircuting trilogy

Grow Gorgeous focuses on nursing products with hair scalp. More than 90% of sellers have obviously increased after use, which can be called “the leading boss of the prevalence.”


Their star product is

Raw essence


Divided into ordinary version and enhanced version


The enhanced version is suitable for the rare and large amount of hair loss itself ~

Shampoo: transparent texture, soaked in foaming, the taste is very high -grade; conditioner: dark brown color texture, the taste is not very fragrant, it is the conditioner that can be massaged directly on the scalp;


The texture is water -shaped, the liquidity is very strong, it is a very cured warm aroma, a bit like the taste of light perfume. ((

Usage: once a day, 20 drops of each time, massage the scalp until it is completely absorbed, so that the essence penetrates the root to the scalp

After two weeks of persistence, the top of the head and the hairline have grown new hair, and the effect is very obvious ~

3. FURTERER Green Deya anti -destruction oil control shampoo

It is affiliated with the French Pharmaceutical Factory Pilfaber, and all products follow the plant formula route.

This is a silicone -free shampoo,

It contains essential oil massage particles. The foam is rich. The feeling of washing is not dry. When flushing, you can feel the hair is relatively astringent, but the scalp is clean.

It is recommended to match with Green Deya No. 80 solid development essence, including Brazilian ginseng essence, and temporary hair loss dedicated to the imbalance of physical function, such as life pressure environment pollution and pregnancy.

4. Yanagiya Liuwu hair root nutrition solution


Yanagiya Liuwu is a Japanese old brand,

This bottle of nutrient solution has three medicinal ingredients and Chinese herbal medicine extraction ingredients. These efficacy ingredients can activate the mother cells and hair nipples to prevent hair loss and promote new growth.

This hair root nutrient solution is wiped on the scalp, the texture is green liquid, refreshing or sticky


The taste is a faint mint fragrance.


After applying it, you can feel the cool, thick mint flavor,

It’s a bit like wind oil but better than wind oil essence.

After use, the scalp will have a long refreshing coolness.

The effect of hair is quite obvious. I insist on using a bottle of half to see that the hairline has small fluff.


5. Yueli ion vibration massage combing comb

This is an extra massage comb today,


This massage comb is an upgraded version of TT comb


The sense of use is better than TT, and the effect of anti -break is better.

Combs release high concentration negative ions, which can massage the scalp to promote head blood circulation. The tip of the tooth is spherical, and the combed teeth are metal texture, which reduces the hair break caused by pulling ~

Small shampoo for hair loss:

1. Don’t rub the water directly on the scalp

Fall the shampoo, rub the foam first, then apply it from the end of the hair, and slowly rub it on the scalp.

2. Do not rub it into a large group to wash together

Use five fingers to rub your hair gently down the scalp, that is, to clear your hair while washing your hair.

3. When the hair is cleaned, the water temperature is slightly higher than the body temperature

The water temperature is slightly lower than the body temperature when using the conditioner,

Began to gradually reduce the hair scales slowly.

Hair care is a long -term persistence, not too anxious, but as long as you understand the correct hair care method and choose the hair care product that suits your hair quality, it is not difficult to have a healthy and soft beautiful hair!