The daily life of a nanny -summer to winter (49)


The weather temperature was high last month, and it felt hot when wearing short sleeves. This month, many people who rode a battery car were put on a cotton jacket.

Quick cooling has been a month. It makes people feel that it has passed from summer to winter.

Because of the season’s change, I am getting busy with housekeeping. Of course, this period of time has not changed, but the work is getting heavier.

Yesterday, I went to a household in the west of the city to clean. The female employer worked in a bank. The male employer was a civil servant. There is a son at home, going to college.

When she arrived at her house around 8 am, she got up and opened the door to me.


She took me to the balcony, a lot of sandals and leather shoes piled on the balcony. It is estimated that there are more than twenty pairs of shoes. The season changed, she asked me to wash these shoes, because it was cold, she was going to put it away.

Then she went to the living room and said that she asked her husband to remove all the electric fans piled up in the living room, let me wash the electric fan, and then she had to put them away.

There are five or six units on the size of the electric fan.

So I took leather gloves and apron and immediately went to wash shoes on the balcony.

Washing and brushing for about half an hour, finally washed the shoes, and under the two drying racks.


Two rows of shoes were washed cleanly, and neatly shining in the sun.

Wash the shoes and see the male employer disassembled the electric fan. The electric fan shell is very dirty, and the dark thing is thick and dirty.

I put the electric fan shell in the balcony pool. Soak the laundry powder.

Then go back to the living room to wipe the fan blades and wipe the dirty places again.

Then go to the bathroom and room of the kitchen living room. The house was dirty, and I didn’t come to clean it for almost a month. The corner of my corner was cleaned for more than 2 hours, and finally finished cleaning.

Then go to the balcony and wash the shell that has been soaked for a long time. Because the fan shell has been soaked for a long time, it will be cleaned in one gently.

I can finally go home. The female employer gave me 100 yuan, and it was 100 yuan a few years. Regardless of time. I am used to it too.

When going out, the female employer pointed at a pair of semi -high -heeled shoes at the door and said: Auntie, your feet size is similar to me. You can wear this pair of shoes. I don’t wear high heels now.

I smiled and said to her: Thank you. Bring her shoes and 100 yuan workers home.

In the afternoon, he went to President Wu’s house to clean.


The rainy season has passed long ago. I went to the basement to clean and found that there were molds everywhere on the door of the basement.


It was not moldy in the rainy season, and it would be strange at this time.

So I moved a stool and wiped all the doors and frames in the basement, and the upper and lower corners were wiped.

President Wu’s family is very strange, and sometimes inexplicable will be moldy everywhere on the wallpaper of a room. Just a room, or a living room. No elsewhere.

I have just started like this, and it seems that it has not been passed in the past few years. Suddenly, the underground room was moldy everywhere. It’s strange. The dehumidifier is also open every day.


Is it because for a few days a few days ago? Or is it changed to season? I no longer know.

In addition to the shoe washing, I also replaced all the straw mats in the living room sofa and let me wash it.

A lot of straw mats are washed with water in a small wash pool, which is particularly troublesome. After washing for a long time, all the mats were cleaned.


It doesn’t look dirty, and the water is still dirty, after all, it has been matched for a summer. There are many black points.

After a while, the balcony was covered with large and small mats and clothes. The sun shines warmly, and the clothes and mats are gently rippling on the drying rack. It seems to be saying: Hmm! It’s refreshing, so good! Intersection

When I got home, my husband said to me: Tell you a bad news.

I said: I don’t listen to bad news.

He said: Just received the above notice, the power limit time changed again. It is now stipulated that the days of electricity limit can not work overtime at night. So from this week, we have to rest for three, four or five days. There is no money to make money now.

Because of the epidemic, electricity restricted throughout the country, and her husband’s factory also limited electricity.

I said: Isn’t this good? Intersection For decades, you go to work every day and take a day off for a month. In the past year, I stayed in the factory and lived in a dark rental house. I have finally been able to go home for a few days. Why not be happy?

I said: Besides, maybe after a while, the power limit time will change again, and it will be time to work every day! What’s more?

Husband doesn’t speak anymore. I think differently with him, just like a child, and my thoughts are very simple.

His rest, colleagues who worked with him for decades, also said that he was too boring every day, so he asked him to go shopping together to climb the mountain.

Her husband and colleagues are also in their 50s. He is a machine repair and electric master in the factory. He has been entering the factory for almost 30 years. They were inseparable in the factory for half a life together.

The weather is good these days, and the sweet -scented osmanthus is fragrant. It is also a good time to swim in the mountains and water.

In a few days, the cold air is coming again.