Yang Zijing Tian tells you that the eyebrow painting can make the value soar, and the newbie brushes remember these 5 points.


Having said many times, in daily makeup, many people only pay attention to eye shadow and lip makeup parts, but ignore the most vital part, that is, eyebrows.


After all, there is a saying called “changing eyebrows like a face”. Only by drawing the right eyebrow shape can the face value soar. This is not a blogger’s chaotic. No girl star has performed this sentence by person.


For example, some time ago, because of “Si Teng”, she circled a wave of pink sweetness. She actually painted a thick black eyebrow before, which did not match her classical temperament at all, and also seemed to be stiff and not soft enough. However, in “Si Teng”, she heard the advice of director Li Mogo, put on the delicate willow leaf eyebrows, and then raised the hairline slightly.

In the same way, Yang Zi, her example has actually said many times. In the early days, she had not found a suitable eyebrow shape. She painted thick eyebrows, and her hair color also looked rough and rustic. It is also after changing the “fine bending eyebrows”, is it a lot of face value up? This is the correct way to open the monkey purple!


This “fine -beching eyebrow” is now the standard of her, but it will change slightly in the thickness. The slender eyebrows are shifted to the eyes to the eyes, which increases the spirit of the eyes. From the eyebrows to the end of the eyebrow, the gradient effect is created. The position of 1cm behind the corner of the eyebrows also plays a role in modifying the face shape.

Seeing this, are you getting the phrase “change your eyebrows like a face”? For thrush, the good -looking eyebrows are pursuing “falsehood”, that is, a natural sense, giving people a feeling that looks like natural eyebrows.

And how to achieve this effect, the well -known makeup artist Tang Yi, I will share with you 5 tips for “painting the eyebrows more delicate”, quickly learn!

Tip 1: Select the style of “sharp, thin, thin”

The ancient language “Workers want to be good, they must first benefit their instruments.” The eyebrow pencil is not good, and the eyebrows will not draw well. Teacher Tang Yi said that when trying on the back of the hand, the eyebrow pencil with smooth and smooth color rendering is actually not easy to use. It is easy to be too thick when painting on the eyebrows. influenza.

So how should I choose an eyebrow pencil? Teacher Tang Yi emphasized three points: sharp, thin, thin, he said that this type of eyebrow pen painting is often not colorful in hand, but on the eyebrows, it can draw a clear and clear effect, fill color and color coloring and color coloring. They are very smooth and even.

When thrust, you need to write a strong and natural eyebrow tail from the eyebrows (more hair volume), and then draw a strong and natural eyebrow; then gently draw the line to make a sense of change from shallow to deep eyebrows.

Tips 2: Eye color selection


When we are born with lighter eyebrows, we can easily control all kinds of eyebrows. However, most Asians are actually dark brown eyebrows, so when choosing the eyebrow pencil, you must pay more attention. Try to choose dark brown and gray eyebrow pencils to avoid the sudden sense of color difference and color.

What if the natural eyebrow color is darker, but what should I do if I want to draw a popular light -colored eyebrow? Teacher Tang suggested that you can fill the color with an eyebrow pencil close to the native eyebrow; then use light -colored eyebrow cream to adjust the eyebrow color; finally, fill the gap with light -colored eyebrow pencil.


Tips 3: Varcation of Eyebrow Edge


The makeup steps and methods are not absolutely right or wrong. Some girls are used to depict the eyebrow frame and then fill in the color, but this method will make the edges too stiff and rigid. If the eyebrows are combed with a border, it is easy to make the eyebrows color and uneven.


The ideal method is to use a cotton swab or a small eyebrow, and gradually sweep away along the edge of the eyebrows. Keep it in the eyebrows, and do not sort it back and forth, so that the eyebrows drawn will naturally soften.

Tips 4: Concealer makes the eyebrow shape clean and neat


Even when the thrush veteran, when you accidentally paint the eyebrows too thick or too thin, we can use concealer to adjust the shape of the eyebrows and make the eyebrow shape more delicate. The trick is that when you encounter a hairy place, you need to “conceal upwards”, so as to prevent the eyebrows from being applied to the white and the edges remain clear and complete.

Tips 5: Format creation of hair flu


No matter the eyebrows are more or less, the delicate eyebrows must not have hair fluid, because this can make people the impression that “you look beautiful, not make makeup”. We use eyebrow comb or small eyebrow brush, dip a small amount of eyebrows or mascara, and lightly brush on each eyebrow eyebrow. Pay special attention to do not touch the skin part when brushing.


Master the tips shared by Teacher Tang Yi, you can also have exquisite eyebrows that everyone praises and looks like a fog ~