“Good daughter -in -law” about the life tips of garbage bags, simple and practical


After throwing the garbage every day, you have to put a garbage bag again. Even if you put it one by one, it is very troublesome to repeat the movement! For heavy lazy people, this is simply not easy ~

Teach you a way to make a quick set of garbage bags:

1. Need a round paper cylinder, which can be utilized by roll tube waste that is usually thrown away

2. Cut a rectangular shape of the center position of the roll paper tube

3. Put a roll of garbage bags directly and draw a garbage bag, and you can have a “garbage bag” artifact as convenient as pumping paper.


Every time you pull it out, you do n’t need to repeat the garbage bag when you drag the garbage ~ Do you think it is practical?

I learned the tips of garbage bags, and supported the use of this good daughter -in -law drawing rope garbage bag. The experience is better ~


High -quality new materials, strong torture, thick enough! This is the point. The shell garbage will not be easily cut off. It is hard and very hard. The previously bought is too thin.


Super load -bearing does not leak water, and there is a drawing line design. The automatic collection is not dirty. If you go away, you must go at home ~