Summary of business English high -frequency vocabulary is quite useful


We have written a lot of articles before, summing up high -frequency expressions in business English, many friends feel unhappy and want to learn more. In fact, you should pay attention to digestion, otherwise you will not chew more and have no effect. In addition, the effect must be obvious to understand systematic learning. Of course, when we are happy to summarize the previous sharing, let you learn enough at a time.

The first group is useful:

Forward the email forward the email to sb

Production capacity Production Capacity

Bank Water Single Bank Slip or Bank Receipt

The remaining profits are low IT Leaves us with Small Margin


Working three -day work of work shifts per day

Annual turnover annual transaction volume

Prepaid Payment Prior to Delivery

Seek a lot

There are many orders for manufacturers.

Payment Pay at Due Date

Converted to official work Put SB on the Permanent Payroll

Invited to come at one’s invitation

Short weight shorter two shorts less

The second group is useful:

Determine someone to attend Confirm SB’s Attendance


Tentile Provemental Price

Order again, turn the bill for repeat order

Acquisition company buy up a company or take over a company


Authorized someone to do something Authorize sb to do sth

Sign and collect things sign for it

Please approve the production of PLEASE APPROove the Production

No choice of have no alternative

Sales Confirmation Sales Confirmation

Complete the index Meet One’s Target

Continue to do something proced with sth

To sum up today, you can see it well. However, we can say responsiblely that fragmented learning, the effect is not very good, we must learn systematically, one chapter every day, and persistence will make progress. Our headline column “Top Business English Course”, content system, has 100 high -quality articles. If you learn, go to foreign companies or do foreign trade, English is not a problem. You can subscribe to students who like it.