The end of the ten years of iPhone is also the beginning of decline?


On the 3rd of Beijing time, the Japanese website reported that on June 29, local time in the United States, the Apple smartphone “iPhone” ushered in the 10th anniversary of listing. With the success of the iPhone, Apple has developed into one of the few huge companies in the world.

Although Apple showed signs of major enterprises, its products did make progress every year. This sustainable development into a possible biggest factor is the efficient organization that the founder Steve Jobs focuses on the power of power and a few outstanding designers. However, this relative advantage seems to be gradually shaking.

Design iPhone’s Apple chief designer Jonathan Ives (middle right)

“I don’t think simplicity is like Apple. Simple simplicity is the advantage, suitable for grasping most customers. However, simplicity is easy to look monotonous. I like a certain degree of complexity. What is really difficult is to create a favorite complex product ‘ “When Tesla CEO (CEO) Elon Musk was previously asked about his aesthetics, he answered like a philosopher.

Musk said, “We are a company for manufacturing. Unlike apples that will outsourcing outsourcing.” This is like saying that Apple’s work is not as complicated as the car and the risk is small.

Indeed, the procurement and production outsourcing system established by Apple CEO Tim Cook only improved the mechanism of Motorola and Finland in the former large company in Motorola and Finland, not Apple’s patent. Today, Tesla seems to be stricter in supervision of component manufacturers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, an iPhone stable procurement network

However, although Apple entrusts manufacturing to Hon Hai Precision Industry -centered Electronic Product OEM Service (EMS) enterprise (EMS), it still invested in a large number of robots, established an aluminum processing technology for IT products, and created smartphones to create smartphones. These “design methods” are undoubtedly Apple’s achievements.

The designers who are very familiar with the technology of suppliers and foundry have put forward a keen demand hypothesis and verified with consumers. In terms of universal parts, Apple purchases on the grounds of a large number of purchases, but the designer believes that the components that need it anyway are to buy it even if they are high. In addition, Apple also refused to retain the existing departments unconditionally, and did not hesitate to stop production without hesitation.

By granting a small number of outstanding designers that the best choice that surpassed the procurement department and other departments, Apple better avoided the disadvantages of large enterprises. The design and operation are closely combined. A few outstanding executives and designers stood at the perspective of users and put forward hypothesis of future products. It can be said that the accuracy of “Bao Bao” is the biggest competitiveness of Apple.

Eliteism and secretism are standing at the fork

Adhering to a small number of eliteism and secretism has brought advantages to Apple, but now, this advantage is standing on the fork. One problem is that in new areas such as cars and energy management that may become a huge market after smartphones, Tesla first realizes the advantage that Apple should play.

Contempt for marketing data in the development stage, seeking both functions and aesthetics in detail, as well as secretism, Tesla and Apple. Between the two companies that have something in common in corporate culture, “digging” of employees often appear.

In the two product fields of pure electric vehicles (EV) that continues to improve performance through software mobile phones and remote communication through software, Apple and Tesla have achieved high completion at the speed of unable to catch up at the early days of popularization. Created added value. At the same time, they have obtained fanatical customers who support the corresponding products. When Tesla’s new models began to be reserved in March 2016, the shop in front of the store was like a long line when Apple iPhone was listed. But it is not easy to create surprises in the automotive field.

More severe issues are that the differences between Apple and competitors are gradually narrowing in the ability to put forward hypothesis for new functions. There are structural factors.

The threat of open development model

At the stage where consumers are still not used to smartphones, they can create a sense of consistent use of a sense of use, like Apple, which adheres to a small number of elites and secretism, has an overwhelming advantage. However, after the market is constantly mature and moving towards standardization, the competitive structure will gradually change. Including external developers, an open development system that attracts more people’s participation can improve the quality and speed of product development. This is because as the number of users expands to a huge scale, data that can accumulate how users use services, etc. in a short period of time, can accelerate the process of verifying the advantages and disadvantages of hypothesia and correction.

Red Hat CEO James White Herst

James White Herst, a CEO of the representative company that provides support for open development, pointed out that “the product realizes a certain degree of standardization and the participating developers reaches a certain scale or more, and closed and closed Compared with the development system, the open development system is more advantageous, which is a common principle. ” Compared to the competitors in the field of smart phones, South Korea Samsung Electronics, Google and Chinese companies in the United States, Apple’s special features will gradually lose as the products mature. This is its destiny.

As the new model launched with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone listing is listed in autumn, Apple’s performance is likely to reach a record high. But behind this glory, the slow steady footsteps are approaching.

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