158 and 182 Couples | I have a look at the couple’s dress in winter



What do you say like to like someone?

At first glance, I love my heart, I think about it, and I still stunned for a long time

Although my “dog” is still on the road, I can’t stop me from brushing the fairy love of bloggers.

Like it before, I have passed by everyone

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

Small blogger@158cm hoof flower and@182cm Guangge

Now there are more@小 , HH, a family of three will often go out to shoot couples and parent -child outfits ~

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

And I have always paid attention to

Small blogger@& & domestic blogger@小 小

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

When they and their boyfriend wearing couples, they were really a sweet crit!

Speaking of couples, remembering a pair

The Japanese couple @TSUYOSHISEKI and @tomi, their couples are wearing it for 40 years!

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

(This year is the 40th anniversary of their marriage ~)

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

The little “grandma” snuggled beside the “grandpa”. Although her hair was white, her heart was like a girl.

▲ “Grandma” said that he would wear the couple to 80 years old with “Grandpa”.

This is how beautiful love ~

Two people are

The taste on the clothing is similar, so I have maintained the habit of wearing couples for so many years

Essence Both of them like to wear basic models, and they are keen to use the simplest clothing to match the most coordinated wear.

They also disclosed in ins: “

The happiest thing to wake up every morning is to go out and go out with the spirit of dressing with each other.

Essence “Now they have sucking powder for 70W for wearing and sharing on INS!

(I am also one of them HH ~)

Although Tomi & Tsuyoshi is now in his 60s, and the two have known each other from college. So far, they have been in love for 40 years, but they are still as sweet as a teenager. I have to sigh,

Couples are really the “seasoning” of sublimation feelings

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了


158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

▲ The couples of the two people wear photos,

Use an iPhone installed on a tripod ~

CoupleLook, you can swore sovereignty loudly by clothing- ——

You are my person, domineering and romantic

I thought about not writing a couple outfit for a long time, and I will arrange for you tonic ~ Let’s take a look at the couples in different styles. There are any small Tips. I also correspondingly found 3 categories of bloggers in different styles ~

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

(Believe me! See the end, there is always a style suitable for you)


Japanese style CoupleLook

You are the “home” that makes me feel comfortable

When it comes to Japanese wind wearing, the first feeling is

Free and comfortable home feelings, like lover who is not tire for a long time

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

~ I immediately think of@~ &@光 哥, the “fairy family”!

This kind of Japanese style items are also very easy to buy,

Mainly all the basic models of Uniqlo and MUJI

It is simple to wear and look at it.

And the Japanese family feelings, it is actually a lot of articles to see simplicity. It is nothing more than paying attention to these 2 points in single products and color matching.

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

TIPS①: There is always a pure white item

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

The simplest and fast way is to wear white,

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

Naturally clean and comfortable feeling comes out immediately

Of course, you don’t need to be limited to pure white T, white shirts, white pants,

When wearing a bright color sweater and sweater in autumn and winter, you can stack a white base

, To increase the sense of layering, but also better control the bright color.

TIPS ②: CP with the earth color group, don’t have a flavor

In addition to a comfortable home sense, the single product is matched with the earth color,

The taste of the Japanese -style literary salt system will be stronger

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

And the earth color is also very autumn and winter.

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

No matter boys and girls,

The best thing to control the earth is camel

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

Essence Just do the difference in saturation. You are deep and shallow. Even if you don’t wear the same paragraph, outsiders at first glance you know that you are a pair!

(Have you learned the dog food in the secret poke ~)

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

The casual and comfortable Japanese style is finished, and then Amway is fashionable and Chic’s Korean match.


Korean style CoupleLook

The tacit understanding we like each other

I think the most touching part of love is

Two people are more and more like each other

Essence Korean blogger@& her boyfriend, they

Expressing romance and love is a tacit understanding on the matching match

(The appearance, personality, temperament, and wear of the two will have the shadow of each other)

But in addition to the same ones, in addition to the same models, there are nothing more than these two points.

TIPS①: The difference between similar items is complementary and coexisting

Similarly, it is not necessary to wear a hairy. On the contrary, this tacit understanding of similar items is not deliberate. For example, the same is a plaid shirt,

Li He wears a large grid+phase grid, boyfriend wears a small grid+monochrome grid. The upper body is the same color system.

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

Many people will ignore it

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

Commonality of fabrics

,@, & Boyfriend’s plaid shirts are cotton, denim skirts, jeans and jeans once again echoed.

(Your love is really enough! Sour as lemon essence …)

TIPS ②: The tacit understanding of each other in detail

Details are the easiest to be ignored and the most charming. The two people put on the sweater and both exposed the tacit understanding inside. I think this should not even know this ~

There are the same taste, aesthetics and tacit understanding of each other. Over time, it will also convey the CP feeling of the old husband and wife around them. Seed: “Oh, that is the couple who likes a certain style/single product.”

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

The above two categories are daily and suitable for most Couple. The last category should we change the taste!


Trend cool handsome CoupleLook

We are sweet lover and each other’s “comrades”

I think this year’s popular network noun -macho/mighty woman is the best interpretation of this kind of cool style.

(Runa men are not the kind of big muscles you think haha)

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了




Xiaoxu is such a pair of people with full personality and evenly matched Couple ~

It is cool, but you should also pay attention to avoid excessive effort, otherwise it will appear very much. It is important to get these two points.

Tips①: Black home, but not allblack

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

Black is the most mysterious and sexiest color, and the upper body is easy to create a cool feeling. Compared to allblack, add some other intermediate colors

158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了

(Gray, white, blue)

It is the unpredictable “martyr’s fierce girl”.

I like this set,

The two people are not more than three colors

Black and white and gray are together, and it is fashionable.

TIPS ②: “Hard Qi” metal accessories add a cool

@Nick and@小 I like to add metal accessories to wear, like the snake bone necklace that boys love now, both ROCK and exquisite ~

If our young girl is cool but doesn’t want to be so just,

You can try the large circle earrings and waist chains

Yeah, you can also transfer the visual focus significantly.

Ps. Trendy cool and handsome jewelry,

Silver jewelry will be more durable than gold jewelry, and you don’t pick people

Essence The gold jewelry is still more flavorful, and it is easy to show old.

Okay, that’s the sharing of couples tonight



158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了


158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了


158和182情侣 | 冬天这样穿情侣装太有回头率了