You have to choose a complete synthesis, just look at what I said if you don’t understand


Today we will pay attention to the vehicle maintenance motor oil together. The choice of motor oil may be a headache for some car owners and friends. After all, the price difference is placed there. How should I choose?


When many friends drive, they will encounter a problem when they are in the 4S shop, in a chain store, or a general store maintenance car. What’s the problem? It is when we change the oil when we change the oil or the mineral oil. Many of our friends are unclear. The price of full synthetic oil is much expensive. The price of mineral oil is cheap. In fact, it is okay. It depends on what car you are.

At present, Volkswagen Oil on the market is divided into three categories: full synthetic motor oil, semi -synthetic engine oil, mineral oil,

As we all know, full synthetic engine oil is better than semi -composed oil and mineral oil, and whether it is the performance of lubricating oil, the ability to clear the pollution, or the service life, it has great advantages. But not all cars are suitable for full synthetic engine oil


If your car is a car that drove more than 100,000 kilometers, then use mineral oil or semi -co -forming oil at this time. The liquidity deviation can better protect the places where mechanical wear.

In general, people say that turbocharged models use full synthetic motor oil; naturally aspirated models, semi -synthetic motor oil. In fact, this is not sure, and it is necessary to decide what kind of motor oil to change according to the situation of its own car.


Then the full synthetic engine oil generally means that it can be used for more than a year. In fact, this is in an ideal state, and it is the same nature as fuel consumption. If the oil leaves the sealed packaging, it will change in material changes over time. However, it is a turbocharged engine, and often likes high -speed operating engines, overtaking drag racing, etc. In this case, we should still shorten the replacement cycle of full synthetic engine oil appropriately.


So I hope that everyone knows that the replacement cycle of our oil is actually just a reference value, because our oil dealers do not know where we use cars and what is our driver’s habit? Is it a turbocharged or a naturally aspirated engine, and there will be no serious burning oil burning oil, so the replacement cycle of the oil is just a reference value for everyone.

The time and mileage of the replacement of the engine preferentially, why do this require this? You need to replace the car in time without the replacement cycle


In addition, you should pay attention when changing oil. Generally, you will change the three filters of oil for you. In fact, you must change the filter when changing the oil. However, our gasoline filter element does not need to be changed. Even the air filter element can be changed once when the oil is changed once, and the gasoline filter must not change the oil every time. This is excessive consumption. We must pay attention to our gasoline filter element for 3 years or 60,000 kilometers.

Do you know this common sense? If you know, you must remember that when you go to the oil anywhere, you must remember that I can change the oil machine filter. Do not be misled as soon as you change the oil. In fact It doesn’t make sense to spend money.


So how do you understand the things about maintenance? Maybe in life, many people will be distressed by our car, but you must remember not to maintain it, because excessive doting is also unhealthy for car love.