What are the tips for the squatting toilet?


Squats need to master the trick skills. What are the tips for squatting? Today I will answer it by PCHOUSE one by one.

1. When the squats are not seriously blocked, as long as there is not any large foreign objects falling in and blocking the squat pits, the congestion is not very serious. Go down and let the larger water pressure down, and you can solve the problem of blockage several times.

2. When a foreign body falls in, when other items fall into the squatting pit, when the squatting toilet is blocked, it is necessary to use some commonly used tools at home. The mop is a very good tool. Block the trailer head on the mouth of the squat pit, then open the water valve to drowns the dragg, then press the mop downward, plug into the pipeline, and then quickly lift the mop. In this way, the blockage was sucked out several times, and the squats were used smoothly.


3. Toilet suction, toilet suction can solve the problem of blocking in the toilet blocking, it is also applicable to squats. When dredging the squatting toilet, first open the water valve to inject some water into the toilet pool, and then use the toilet to suck the squatting toilet into the water outlet. Press it hard to solve the problem of the blockage.