In summer, how to choose sandals for your baby? Remember these 4 points


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Summer is here, and mothers have started to wear sandals for their babies!

However, looking at the market on the market, all kinds of baby sandals, so that mothers do not know how to choose.

After all, sandals are also shoes. If you do n’t choose the right, you will hurt your baby’s little feet!

Today, let’s take a look at how to choose the sandals of the baby!


Sandals selection points 1


(1) Material safety

The children’s shoes on the market are mixed, and they must beware of inferior shoes with exceeding the standard.

Not long ago, when the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission sampled children’s shoes, it was found that the harmful substances inside exceeded the standard by hundreds of times!

Parents choose shoes for their babies and try to choose shoes of regular brands, which may be more at ease. In addition, in the actual purchase of children’s shoes, we must distinguish it carefully.


Shoes quality identification tips


smell it

Is there any smell in the shoes? If you have obvious pungent odor, don’t buy it.



Take a look

① See whether the stickiness of the sole and the shoe and the shoe face is tight, whether there is glue overflowing, or whether there are obvious cracks, please do not buy if you have any.

② Look at the flat integration -put the shoes on the plane, see if the soles are flat, whether the heel is straight, and whether the heel heel of the two shoes is the same.

If there are unevenness and inconsistency, please do not buy it.

(2) Style safety

Children’s shoes, the simpler the style, the safer!

Such as the deduction style, while easy to wear and take off, you can also adjust the looseness at any time according to the fat and thinness of the baby’s feet.

On the contrary, the light -faced shoes not only have the risk of tripping the baby’s decorative objects, but also the small decorations on the shoes may have risks of accidental swallowing.

Metal chain scratch risk

Step on the wrestling risk of shoelaces



Based on this purchase principle, that kind

Too many decorations, flowers or sounds, high -heeled sandals

Please don’t buy it!

The kind of shiny beads and shiper shoes with sequins are not only easy to scratch the baby, but also the risk of accidental swallowing.

The sharp sound and dazzling shiny shoes not only affect the doll’s attention, but also may affect the hearing and vision.

Sandals with too high heels will make children’s bones and joints bear extra forces, affecting the development of the baby’s feet.


Sandals selection points 2

Moderate hard and hard

The baby’s arch is developing, and the outsole is too soft or too hard to cause damage to the development of the foot.

Therefore, the sandals given to the baby must be hard.

Soft and hard level judgment method of shoes

Observe the hardness of the rear heels and front Baotou of the shoes

Choose sandals for your baby, first choose the style of the front bread toe and the heel of the rear.

It can not only protect the baby’s small feet, avoid injuries to the toes, but also prevent children’s ankles from tilt and cause O -type legs or X -type legs.


Babies under the age of 3, the sandals of the open -toed toe are cool and good -looking, it is not recommended to buy it!

Based on this purchase principle, the kind of no -feet, no heels

Slippers, human characters

Waiting for sandals, please don’t buy it!

Because the baby is likely to fall or kick in the process of walking, if there are too many places exposed by feet, the toes and heels are easily scratched.

Observe the softness of shoes and insoles

① When buying, fold at a third of the shoes (front palm position)

If you can bend, it represents qualifications. Babies wear this kind of shoes, the feet are easier to bend, and walking more comfortably.

② When buying, if you find the shoes, you find that the shoes are soft like sponge, and it is not recommended to buy it. Such shoes are too soft, which seriously hinders the training of baby’s forefoot and toe gripping ability, which is not conducive to the development of the baby’s small feet.

According to this purchase principle, please do not buy that kind of hole shoes/jelly shoes!


This type of shoes is made of plastic, not only imbalanced, but also

Moreover, the material is too soft and too large, and it is impossible to fix the baby’s feet at all. Over time, it is easy to cause the baby’s feet …

In addition, CCTV was exposed at the March 15 party. Children will have a lot of risks when they wear cave shoes and sit on the escalator, and they are likely to be involved in the escalator.



Sandals selection points 3

Comfortable and wear -resistant

(1) The soles of children’s shoes should be appropriate

When buying shoes for the baby, mothers can put their shoes on the table, and then put their hands into the shoes.

If your fingers can feel the desktop across the soles, but if you do n’t think it ’s stubborn, the baby wears such shoes is comfortable, and it can also perceive the ground well, which is conducive to the development of the feet.

(2) The soles of children’s shoes should be wear -resistant and slippery

When buying, you can put the shoes on a slightly smooth noodles (such as tile surface) and feel the degree of non -slip.

According to this purchase principle, the kind of sandals that are not slippery for soles and thick soles, please do not buy it!


Sandals selection points 4


Through the above selection of shoes, mothers can indeed choose a pair of shoes that are safe, soft, hard and hard, and comfortable and wear -resistant.

However, if the shoes selected are not fit, if the size is inappropriate, all the above efforts are white!

In real life, we found that some parents bought shoes for dolls, and they were used to buying bigger!


In fact, the baby’s shoes should be the best!

Because the baby’s feet are very delicate, the bones of the feet are still in the development stage,


If the shoes are not appropriate, it is serious,


I don’t say the baby’s activity,

The center of gravity is unstable, and the body needs to lean forward to maintain a balance, which can easily lead to the baby’s feet flipping or looking.

This is not a pair of shoes that can be recovered!

Conversely, if the shoes are small, the baby’s toes are squeezed in the narrow space, which will cause methylitis and toes to be overwhelmed;


Shoes with appropriate selection skills

The shoe code should be appropriate, neither large nor small. Generally recommended, baby

The length of the shoes is 0.5 ~ 1cm larger than the feet


If you buy shoes at the physical store, let your baby stand on the ground on the ground, top to the front of the toes, and it is advisable to reach into a finger of an adult.

If you buy online, measure your baby’s feet.

How to measure the length of the baby’s feet



Let the baby stand on a piece of white paper. Mom and dad are marked with the length and width of the feet with a pen. Both feet are measured, which is based on the long and wider set of data.

Of course, Bao Da Bao can also buy special footwear directly online.

In addition, Bao Da Bao’s mother should pay attention to that because the baby’s feet are fast, once the baby puts on the shoes, you have to check the shoes once a month or not.

It seems a trivial matter to choose sandals for babies, but it is a big thing. It is about the healthy growth of children, and parents must pay attention to it!


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