Quick hand: crackdown on brush brushing praise, account transaction and other black production behaviors


IT House on December 15th, yesterday, Kuaishou released the “Announcement on Black Production Acts such as Black Production Acts for Black Products such as combating fans and pink reputation accounts.”

The announcement states that in order to guide the account of the account to standardize the account operation behavior and create a clear network space,

Kuaishou recently rectified and cleaned up an account with some abnormal behaviors such as some of the rules and technical measures

For example: brush, brush praise, illegal diversion, etc.


Kuaishou said that such behaviors seriously violated community regulations. In order to maintain a good community environment, the platform will improve the abnormally increased powder monitoring mechanism.


Continue to crack down on black and gray production violations

EssenceOnce found violations,

Actions will be punished by behavioral ban, account permanent ban, etc.


IT House learned that the financial report showed that within the three months of September 30, the average daily active users of fast hands were 320 million and 570 million monthly active users.The user average online marketing service income is 34 yuan.