Is Piaogang sandalwood rosewood? Is it expensive? Hurry up and watch the real evaluation of Ziguang Tan!


Unconsciously, it has passed the Yangchun March, and the spring breeze arrived in April. Those who quietly watched the Ziguang sandalwood in the furniture circle quietly! The decorations and furniture made by Ziguangtan are very smooth and beautiful, with high appreciation value. Many people have various questions when they want to start with Piaogang sandalwood.

Today, I will give you the raw materials, prices, advantages and disadvantages and other aspects to evaluate Ziguang sandalwood, and quickly notify the friends, watch it!

Is Piaogang sandalwood rosewood?


Obviously, this is a question that many people have just begun to contact Piaogang sandalwood. Although there are two words of rosewood, they are not a type at all. Labor rosewood belongs to sandalwood, also known as sandalwood rosewood. Paiguang sandalwood is a category of black rosewood, which can also be called ebony.


Is it expensive to be expensive?

Although the purple sandalwood is not as expensive as the precious wood such as the small leaf rosewood. The price interval of Ziguangtan ranges from 6000-30,000 yuan per ton. The larger the log of the log, the more expensive the price. It is equivalent to about 6-30 yuan in a pound of logs. So if you want to start a whole set of furniture, the price is not low. So it is best to do a good job before buying.

What is the cost -effectiveness of Ziguang sandalwood? Is it worth buying?

However, in terms of performance, the density of the purple sandalwood wood is extremely high. Therefore, the furniture made by Ziguangtan is bright and atmospheric; giving an excellent sensory experience. Touching Purong Sandald Furniture will have a silky feeling, very beautiful! The furniture made by Ziguangtan does not need to be painted. High practicality! It feels worth starting!


Because of the density of Piaogang sandalwood, the wood is very hard, and it is not easy to see it when it is processed, and it is easy to break the saw. When stitching furniture, it must be perforated to nail. Therefore, it is not very good to circulate Purple Tan on the market. Generally speaking, the holes of the furniture are also one of the most effective ways to identify whether the furniture’s eye is true. If you like it, and you just meet the real purple sandalwood logs, then you can choose to start!

How to identify Ziguantan?

Purple sandalwood belongs to ebony, and its logs basically have no taste. I don’t want to rumors on the market. The flavor of the purple sandalwood is very light and basically belongs to tasteless. If you have the opportunity, you can try to lick with your tongue, and Ziguantan tastes a bit dry in his mouth. The identification of Ziguang sandalwood can also soak water, use paper, look at scratches and other methods. I do n’t introduce them here, you can search by yourself.

Summary: At present, the price of Parkstan sandalwood is not so expensive, so there are generally not many pretending to pretend to pretend to be Paiguang sandalwood on the market. Everyone knows a little knowledge point OK!

Ziguantan itself is one of the good materials for making furniture. Although it is not as expensive as the small leaf rosewood, it is no less than that in various aspects such as practicality and sensory experience. I like the classical mahogany furniture and feel that the price of rosewood is too expensive!