The advantage of driving Tianqi heavy truck use a unified lubricant LNG engine oil


In recent years, due to the epidemic reasons, the issue of National Six emission, and the continuous rise in fuel prices, many card friends have chosen natural gas engine models to run for transportation. Indeed, in terms of the current form, natural gas models are more affordable in terms of supply and maintenance costs than diesel models.

However, the way of gas and liquid fuel is different. The advantage of gas fuel is that the purity is higher and the combustion is cleaner. The biggest disadvantage is that the lubrication performance is poor, so it will cause the wear and corrosion of the engine -related components to be obvious than the fuel vehicle. Therefore, when maintaining natural gas models, we usually recommend that card friends use a unified LNG engine oil produced by unified lubricant as common maintenance oil, which can greatly reduce the wear of the engine during operation.


First, this is because the LNG engine oil has good antioxidant performance and stability. Its oil formula is more sophisticated than Chai Machine Oil. It is made of refined basic oil and high -performance additives. Change the oil change cycle.

Secondly, the LNG engine oil is divided into three levels of viscosity of 10W-30/15W-40/20W/50. You can choose the appropriate product to apply to the car according to different LNG engine conditions. The products can cope with the high -temperature working environment of the LNG engine, and effectively respond to the oxidation effect of oil produced in the high temperature environment.


In addition, natural gas engines have strict requirements on the ash and clean performance of the oil during maintenance. This is to reduce the production of carbon and mud, reduce the failure of components such as piston damage, and gas valves. The balanced ash divisions in the LNG engine oil can significantly reduce the production of mud and carbon deposits, thereby reducing the failure of spark plug blocks, pistons stagnation, and air valve burning failure. At the same time, it can also effectively suppress the low -speed early burning of the engine and extend its service life.


At the same time, this product also has excellent abrasion resistance and cleaning performance, which can effectively reduce the wear caused by the engine due to smoke, sludge, mechanical impurities and other engines during the engine operation, reducing the failure between parts and components. While providing lubrication protection to the engine, it can also protect the engine’s cylinder set, piston, bearing and other parts. Moreover, the formula of this product has passed the actual driving road test. The longest oil change mileage can reach 60,000 kilometers. It is a powerful weapon for the owners of many natural gas models to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

As far as the current situation of commercial vehicle transportation in my country is concerned, it is true that gas fuel models are more advantageous than diesel models. Here we also remind you to replace the diesel cars with gas vehicles to gas vehicles to pay attention to the maintenance and use of different models. Do not generalize, use the wrong oil maintenance to cause economic losses.