What should I do for star hotel waiters?


High -end interstellar hotels seem to have a layered high -end in terms of appearance, inside or staffing. There are strict requests about the dressing of employees. The hotel waiters selected for employees are also customized according to the overall image. How to customize the employee hotel waiter in a high -end hotel image? The following is the next minute of the science of Kim Socvicity to understand what should be in the next minute of the star hotel waiters?

There are many types of high -end hotel waiters, and work clothes of each department are different. The work clothes of managers and ordinary employees can be distinguished at a glance. It can be divided into: welcoming work clothes, front hall reception work clothes, security work clothes, restaurant work clothes, guest room cleaning work clothes, chef work clothes, etc.

1. The design of the hotel cheongsam welcoming workwear is simple and beautiful, with clear and elegant lines. Cheongsam can be divided into Chinese meal consultants, Chinese food waiters, Chinese cuisiners and Chinese food courses.

2. The work clothes of the Chinese food service staff in the hotel are mainly work clothes. For short -style cheongsam, the sleeves and hem are more suitable for service needs.


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