Cartier’s color fading! Gucci shoe open glue! Unqualified quality? Still poverty restricted imagination


This year’s Lunar New Year’s Eve, Ms. Wang’s husband selected a necklace of more than 50,000 yuan at the Cartier Course of Zhengzhou David City. I did not expect this necklace with a full drill to buy it home. Ms. Wang had previously sent the necklace back to the manufacturer test, but the back -of -the -art reporting report said that the necklace was dark related to chemical items such as cosmetics.


Currently, Cartier is willing to return the goods for Ms. Wang. However, whether there is a quality problem of 50,000 yuan in necklaces, Cartier also requires Cartier to give consumers a reasonable explanation.


In fact, the concept of big brand = high quality has become popular. But the larger the brand, the higher the price, the quality is really better? In recent years, news about the quality of luxury goods “not online” has emerged endlessly.

Ms. Yao in Hangzhou bought two pairs of ancient sports shoes on Hubin Yintai Mingpin Street. She and her husband had a pair of people with a total price of 13,600 yuan. They said that she bought it for twenty days, and they all had different degrees of gum. According to Ms. Yao, the reply of Gucci customer service is that there is no problem with the soles, and it can be bonded for the beauty. Ms. Yao asked: Is this still running shoes?

The quality is because of the design concept? I have made such a hot search before before–

A girl bought a 35,000 yuan Chanel shirt, after washing the color, and called the customer service.

The customer service said: Sorry, our products never consider washing!


For a moment, netizens blown up! what! The design of luxury goods does not consider washing?


Sure enough, poverty has limited my imagination!

Can not be washed, do not dry, do not prevent water, not wear resistance …

Why is shoes not wear -resistant?


People do not need wear resistance when they walk on the red carpet …

How to maintain this shoe?


Sorry, our customers do not wear a pair of shoes for the second time.


Is this bag waterproof?

Those who can afford this bag are unlikely to pick up and drop off.

Walking in people’s piles to worry about being stolen, it is the trouble of poor girls.


The rich people’s bags do not need a zipper.


Without zipper, the quality is also shocking. Don’t think that the luxury big -name bags are resistant. In fact, you can’t help them.


Is the quality not closed? Or poverty limit our imagination?

Recently, the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau recently conducted a quality spot check on luxury clothing, silk clothing, and women’s skirts in Shanghai. A total of 255 batches of random inspections were not qualified. During the sampling check, the fiber content such as Tang Liberqi and Tang Keina (DKNY) was unqualified.

In January last year, the Shanghai Industry and Commerce Bureau conducted a quality inspection of 130 batches of well -known domestic and foreign clothing brands sold by 54 enterprises. George Armani trench coats with a price of 35,500 yuan were detected unqualified. In addition, nearly 20%of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Givenchy and other luxury costumes were announced unqualified.

It seems that no matter how expensive the brand will have the quality “not online”, all consumers should buy it carefully!