Good at home, my double -person desk design! Can work together


It is too convenient to have a study at home! Let’s take a look at my two -person desk study room. There are two “stations”, which can work together!


At that time, the decoration reserved a room with a transparent light to be a study room. It was really smart!


Desk area

Use two double desks to fight with two 1.2 meters long desktop

M m ✔: 2 photos of Linnmon Limeng desktop

I i ✔ ✔: Adils Adis 4

X Draw drawer: Alex Alas drawer cabinet cabinet

X Substick cabinet: Alex Alais storage unit cabinet cabinet


夫 Computer chair: Hudffeer

玻 Bookcase: 1 glass door bookcase with a cabinet -free door cabinet

✔ ✔ ✔: BenQ

✔ Printer: Xiaomi


: : ✔ storage rack: IKEA

Wall storage

Two shelves are paired with hanging baskets and storage boxes

Three pieces of the cave board are paired with pendants together

The wall is brushed 1 square magnetic paint DIY magnetic sticker

About study house storage

Newly started a letter plate, paired with a storage box, and the classification storage is very practical! Put on the desk just right!

If you also like such a study, you can collect it.