Natural colors, natural tastes, the deliciousness of falling in love at first sight!


The matcha, seaweed, and wormwood leaves are combined with the corresponding ingredients, retaining the original color and taste of these ingredients, and it tastes a fragrance. It is suitable for us to enjoy their taste in the afternoon refreshment or leisure and entertainment …


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[Qiao Bake Matcha cranberry Cake 260g] Team Cake Pastry Handmade Western Cake Office Snacks Snacks


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The cookies made with cranberries and matcha together are sweet and sweet in the fragrance. The colors of red and green are also a temptation for the visual impact. The aftertaste.

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[Ou Hakka_Matchali Berry Cooky Biscuits] Leisure and delicious casual snack food 180g

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In the afternoon, taste a cup of fragrant coffee or green tea, milk tea, etc., with crispy and sweet cookies, not only satisfy our taste buds, but also make life full of feelings. Matcha will exude a natural fragrance.


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[Buy 2 Get 1] Original Port Original Peanut Handmade Nougat casual snack cow tie milk fudge 200g

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The flavor of the world’s sweeping sugar is a kind of category of mature candy in the candy. A variety of flavors are enjoyable, the fruit flavor is dry, the milk fragrance is rich, the natural matcha fragrance is enough to spoil the taste bud.

Japanese -style matcha tea roasted Japanese flavor handmade self -made without adding breakfast cake afternoon tea cake dots food

The latta band has a natural fragrance, and there is a special honey fragrance. It tastes delicate and delicious, with red bean fillings, and the rich taste blends a wonderful taste. It is worthy of taste.


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Qiaozhu Taiwanese beef rolled, handmade beef, candy peanuts, cranberry snacks casual snacks wholesale wedding candy gift box

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The clever fusion of milk fragrance and matcha dried fruit, chewing with the natural aroma of matcha, milk fragrance and sweetness, scorching and fragrant, a fusion taste can help us quickly recover physical strength and be full of happiness.

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Songguo Fang Nuomi 湖 湖 南 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 松 300g

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The glutinous rice ravioli made from Ai Ye is from Hunan. It can steamed or fried. The steamed flavor is fragrant and elastic. The appearance is crispy after fried food, soft and glutinous inside, and it is more suitable with white sugar.


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Shen Dacheng salted egg yolk and pine group Shanghai old -fashioned Qing Tuanzi Qingming fruit 4 traditional cake dotted snacks

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This is a new product produced by the old -fashioned Dacheng family. It combines the fillings made of egg yolk, meat pine, sesame seeds, etc. The outer skin is fragrant. It will feel its sweetness and fragrance when chewing. Essence

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Magidal Spiral Soft -hearted Cookie Cooky Biscuits Food Casual Snack Cake Cake Cabina Berry Berry

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The vegetables in the spiral algae sea are alkaline foods, which are conducive to the acid -base balance of our body. It is used with the sandwich cookies, wrapped the flavored fillings, and the natural fragrance is sweet.


Xiangnan Longjing Green Tea Crispy Cake Snacks Snacks Snack Snack Hangzhou Specialty Gift Box Afternoon Seduction Pastry Food

Afternoon tea exclusive matcha mung bean cake, sweet and sweet casual refreshment, crispy and fragrant skin, wrapped in layers, a bite of green tea will be moist, with a cup of green tea, staying comfortably.

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Matcha egg yolk cake 6 into matcha crispy green tea cake dots gift box Xiamen specialty pie traditional snacks

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Egg yolk crispy is a traditional flavor of our tradition. In terms of color and taste, it can be beautiful with any pastry of crooked nuts. The meringue made of matcha is wrapped in the taste of sweetness and salty. Eat more.

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There are cicada green tea, wolfberry Sydney, matcha grain, grain, breakfast food, food ears and meals cubic flagship store

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Green tea, wolfberry, Sydney, etc. make meals and drink powder together, contain the fragrance of green tea, the nourishment of wolfberry, the nourishment of Sydney, and the meal replacement can also help us health. It will be more comfortable to match with honey.

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Buy 1 Get 1 Diary of Tea Diary Baking Matcha Powder Matcha Green Tea Powder Matcha Milk Make iron flavor m1

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Pure matcha powder, which is convenient for me to drink directly, can also help us make green refreshments, steamed buns, etc. With it, it can make our lives full of creativity. Sisters who love to use can try to make various green deliciousness for their families.

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Hebei green juice barley leaf 180 grams exported to Japan barley seedlings nutrition enzyme pork valley miscellaneous grain replacement powder

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The green juice barley leaf made of barley seedlings is a high -alkaline delicious drinking powder, which can help us neutralize the acid -base balance of the body and accelerate the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal and intestines. Diet is worth drinking for a long time.

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A piece of crispy kelp sea lip, sea cabbage, sea cabbage 300g spicy bars spicy vegetarian snacks casual

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Seeing this crispy food, do you know what it was made? It is delicious made of skirts in the sea flavor. This seafood is crispy by making. It is a little bit sour with pickling peppers.

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¥ 80.00

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