Dior launch a hand -styled back cowhide bag


Dior has recently become the new darling of the fashion trend because of the various joint plans led by Kim Jones. In addition to the continued fiery in the past classic elements, the new style items are also eye -catching.This time, Dior is based on the Rollercoaster Belt designed by Matthew Williams, which has recently become the new creative director of Givenchy, to create a hand -style cowhide bag.

Dior 推出手提式造型后揹牛皮小包

The style of the backpack of this cowhide bag is presented in a blueprint, but it cannot really be used in the back method, which also brings a cute and cute image.The material is made of the calf leather as the main fabric, with a size of about 10.8 x 4.5 x 7.5 inches.

Dior 推出手提式造型后揹牛皮小包

At present, Dior’s Saddle Backpack in Calfskin has been officially launched at 24S and is priced at $ 2,230. Interested everyone may wish to start.