Fruit vendors vomit ultra -heavy apple packaging box “pit people” confuse sales can complain to the market regulatory authorities


Buying fruits in the fruit wholesale market, everyone often puts attention on the fruit. But we must remind everyone here that except the fruit itself, don’t ignore this outer packaging. Because you don’t pay attention, you may encounter an ultra -heavy box.

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In the past two days, some netizens vowed through Weibo that he bought two boxes of apples at the Fruit Wholesale Market in Hujiamiao in Xi’an. The apple wholesale price with boxes was 7 yuan per catty, and two boxes of apples were 544 yuan. But after I came back, I called two empty boxes, and the weight was not light.

Netizens “Sun in the Heart 32499”:

A total of two boxes were entered, one of which was 6 catties, and the box was 7 catties and 3 two.

This netizen calculated a account. If the price of 7 yuan a pound was based on the wholesale apple, the price of these two empty boxes was 98 yuan. In order to verify the netizen’s statement, on the morning of June 2nd, the reporter came to the Huajiamiao Fruit Wholesale Market in Hujiamiao in Xi’an to ask Apple’s price. The wholesaler said that the retail price was 10 yuan a pound. The reporter proposed a price of about 7 yuan, the boss said,

That kind

It is not zero for wholesale in the whole box, but the box is not cheap.

Fruit wholesaler:

If you want it, you think you are expensive, but you do n’t know that the skin I give you is light, and he has to earn so much money.


Then some people aggravated the box?

Well, the box worse (fruit) sells cheaply is not easy to sell. You think you can go cheap and leave.

The reporter proposed to see this ultra -heavy carton. The boss found two, and the scales were called. The first was more than 3 pounds, and the second was almost 6 pounds. The boss said that why the same Apple has so many wholesale retail is so much that the key is that the box is different.

That big box sinks 6 pounds and 7 pounds.

Why is it so heavy?

There are cement boards inside, which is not the cement board.

In addition to Apple, the peaches that have just been listed are also selling hotly. The outer packaging is not a carton but a plastic basket. As soon as the reporter asked, the wholesale and retail are also a disparity at the price, and a pound is 5 yuan. The boss said that this plastic basket weighs 5 pounds.

Five pieces of difference are the weight of the basket, right? Because this is the case in our hands, zero sale will not be cheap.

During the interview, wholesalers told reporters to determine whether the wholesale fruit is a pitman. The same box of apples weigh 40 pounds. If you talk about the box directly but the preferential price, the weight of the box is shared. If you do n’t tell the truth, calculate the box alone for one or two pounds, and the actual six or seven pounds weigh, that is to sell the price of the box to the price of fruit. Then, why is there a large number of carton that is about five or six pounds? The reporter found a recycling carton in the market. The worker picked it out and said that there was something like cement inside.

Recycling paper box workers:

This is cement.

Oh, the one inside is, this is


still is?


The reporter subsequently contacted the supervisory departments and wholesale markets in the jurisdiction. They said that the increase in cement carton has been a number of tricks for many years, and they have repeatedly investigated and dealt with in the past two years. When wholesalers are buying the vehicle in the place of origin, most of the other party is designated by the other party to sell the box, and the wholesalers cannot choose.

Wang Wei, Manager of the Fruit Wholesale Market in Hujiamiao Fruit of Xi’an:

The fruit merchant comes from the entire real estate area to sell it here, and there is no second packaging. It may be possible for them to transport long -distance transportation

Real estate

Those boxes may be slightly focused on, and then we ask the merchant to clearly bid the price of consumers clearly, so that the weight of the box and the weight of the apple, how much is the net weight, how much money the whole box sells for consumers to know clearly and know how to know clear.

(Shaanxi Reporter: Huang Ting Zhang Xiaokun)

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