The villagers are rich in villagers Mingshui Street to depict the new picture of rural revitalization


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The rural roads are clean and clean, extending to each household farmer; a small house of a household farmhouse overflows, and the hearty laughter in the neighborhood chats from time to time; the villages are colorful, like ink paintings … … This is a new scene created by the beautiful rural construction of Mingshui Street in Zhangqiu District in recent years.

美了乡村富了村民 明水街道描绘乡村振兴新画卷

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In recent years, Mingshui Street has conscientiously implemented the strategic deployment of rural revitalization at all levels, always adhered to the leadership of party building, and focused on the overall goal of “industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural wind civilization, effective governance, and rich life”. The construction of high standards, the beautiful rural scrolls with rich local atmosphere, distinctive humanistic characteristics, and beautiful living environment have been framed.

Industry leads the beautiful countryside is more strong

Building a beautiful countryside is the foundation.

Mingshui Street closely focuses on the strategic deployment of rural revitalization and the construction of Qilu model demonstration area. In 2021, Mingshui Street actively strived to list the three villages of Wangxi, Wang Zhong, and Wang Dong of Wangbaizhuang District as the Qilu model village construction project. 30 million yuan in high standards to create Wangbaizhuang rural revitalization model area.

美了乡村富了村民 明水街道描绘乡村振兴新画卷

In accordance with the idea of ​​”rural revitalization and industry”, the construction of the model area construction starts the planning of the industry. Established the “Three King” Land Cooperatives, which transferred 50 acres of land from the two villages of Wang Dong and Wangxi to cooperate with Shouguangtian Cube Agricultural Corporation to build high -standard facilities agricultural greenhouses. Tian Caifang Agricultural Corporation is responsible for industrial operations. The village collectively obtains the income of 9%of the investment each year, with an annual income of more than 520,000 yuan. Activate inefficient land assets, exchange cages to change business, and explore new ways to increase the income of village collective income. In accordance with the overall urban planning, 45 acres of low -efficiency and idle farming areas in the tray area, focusing on the introduction of high -end industries such as headquarters economy and corporate alliances. It is expected that the annual income will be more than 2 million yuan. Establish a real estate cooperative to create a Wangbaizhuang supporting service industry cluster. Take the initiative to connect with the International Building Materials City of Jiqing Road, Baisai Farmers Market, and Baisiquan Winery, and form professional teams to develop warehousing, logistics, distribution, and processing industries; use Wangbaizhuang’s location advantage to create three industries for leisure services for suburbs. Introduce social capital, build urban leisure experience areas, and develop three -industry service industries such as homestays, catering, picking, fishing, and entertainment; digging culture and creating Wangbaizhuang Cultural and Creative Industrial Park. Docking with Baisiquan Winery, in -depth excavation of Wangbaizhuang Wine Culture, Bazaar Culture, and brightering Baisiquan Wine Industrial Tourism 4A -level scenic spot brand.

Mingshui Street also focused on 6 fruit and vegetable flower demonstration bases including Wang Bai, Lu Jia, Zheng Jia, Zhang Jia, Yujia, and Yijiapo; docking with the Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative and District Cultural Tourism Group to implement thousands of acres of rice lotus The construction of Fuxiang District, 650 acres of fragrant rice in the core area enters the production management period.

美了乡村富了村民 明水街道描绘乡村振兴新画卷

Pay attention to the culture of simple culture and rural style more civilized

Beautiful villages are not only beautiful in the village view, but also beautiful.

The word “spirit” is engraved in the middle of Liugou Village Square. “This is specifically looking for someone to engrave it, just to let everyone understand that the spirit can be inherited and immortal. The pillar is the original intention and mission of our construction and development. “Since 2017, the square has been built. In recent years, it has gradually improved the transformation. The villagers at the beginning of their doubts and puzzles have now become” the square is small, how can we expand it again, how can we expand it? “Demand,” To revitalize the countryside, we must look at the countryside with a vision of development. This is our common home. Building a homeland does not require fancy reasons. We have built village history museums and want to keep rural memory. I want people outside the village to understand the struggle of the village. This is our valuable spiritual wealth. We must implant this into the hearts of each villager. “The secretary of the village branch secretary said emotionally.

From the burden of receiving the village branch secretary in 1980, the Ministry of Shengwen has been working hard in his post for 40 years, and it is 67 years old. Located at the foot of Laoshan, Liugou Village on the banks of Xiuyuan River has long been a small village with a poor two white white. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Ministry and the leadership of the village committee for decades, he has persisted in developing and persistently for the people’s livelihood. The village collectives Economic continues and healthy advances, villagers’ income increased year by year, collective income increased from tens of thousands of yuan in the 1980s to 4.62 million yuan, and more than 110 individual private households, with per capita income of more than 20,000 yuan. The appearance of the village has been renewed, the community construction has steadily advanced, and 90%of the villagers live in spacious and bright buildings.

To be rich in economical, we must be rich. Cultural revitalization is the soul of rural revitalization. Moral education is the “spiritual spirit” of rural work in Mingshui Street. Mingshui Street leads the rural fashion through extensive development of civilized practice activities. Continue to carry out the most effective ways.

“Three Change” reform activates the new vitality of the countryside

“Today is a good day, everything can be achieved …” On the morning of October 19th, in the Lvjia Village Committee of Mingshui Street, there was a scene of joy everywhere. Hold here. This is the first dividend that Lujia Village has implemented the “three changes” of the countryside. The total dividends have received by the shareholders of the villagers, with a total dividend of 2.467 million yuan.

Lujiacun has always adhered to the leadership of party building, vigorously implemented rural revitalization, and clinging to the “three changes” reform is beneficial to opportunities. The land and home cooperatives are mainly to guide farmers’ land transfer, raise funds to build high -standard greenhouses, do a good job of moderate scale operations, build urban agricultural agriculture , Modern agriculture, characteristic agriculture, promote agricultural efficiency, farmers increase their income.

In the process of fundraising construction, strictly follow the “four discussions and two openness” procedures, and the source of funds is carried out in the form of village collectives and villagers’ shares. The villagers invested 11.698 million yuan, the village invested 5 million yuan, and raised a total of about 17 million yuan. It covers an area of ​​70 acres in the north of the village, and the village covers an area of ​​50 acres. At present, the two boutique plantations have been contracted in large areas and signed contracts. The operation of boutique plantations has begun to achieve results for one year. In the future, with the development of the economy, the acceleration of operation and operation will increase year by year, and the interests of villagers will be guaranteed.

美了乡村富了村民 明水街道描绘乡村振兴新画卷

Since the beginning of this year, Mingshui Street has actively promoted the implementation of the “three changes” reform, and solidly promoted the “three capital” cleanup, land transfer, project introduction, main cultivation, and industrial upgrading. At the end of October, 7 villages in Mingshui Street achieved more than 6 million yuan in dividends. Going out of the road of revitalization of the villagers’ rejuvenation of the “three changes” reform to help villagers get rich and increase their income.

Today, Mingshui Street has gradually showed the beautiful pictures of ecology, green, civilization, livable, and livable, and this rural beauty of “seeing green and reserved nostalgia” also gives the villagers a sense of gain and happiness. The sense of security continues to improve.

美了乡村富了村民 明水街道描绘乡村振兴新画卷

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