Mulberry silk flax dress, full of literary flavor


Simple and neat loose A -shaped silhouettes, both comfortable and elegant and elegant, with ink and ink -sensitive flowers, rubbing color tones outlined retro and fresh tones, regular sorting and release of elegant and fragrant, using the texture of light texture and flowing silk cotton fabrics, combined with combining Simple and sweet design, easily prepare romantic and elegant charm


New retro print A -line dress

The fabrics made of silk and cotton yarn can not only reflect the softness and smoothness of the silk, but also reflect the closeness and comfort of the cotton, and then wrinkle the old process. The texture of the fabric is thinner and smooth. The style is simple, soft and comfortable, refreshing and breathable

Ink and ink freehand print seven -sleeved loose A -line silk hemp dress


The simple and smooth lines of A -line version of the line of A -line, stain the finishing touch with a light ink, and release the elegant charm of the cluster of fragrant fragrance, combining gorgeous and eye -catching colors to outline the beautiful scrolls. Heine fabrics give the soul nourish, easily interpret self -literary style

The body’s material is a fabric made of linen+mulberry silk. Due to the uneven thickness of the thickness of the cotton and linen yarn, the cloth surface is full of bumps and the texture of the bamboo, exuding a natural atmosphere. Animal protein and plant fiber blended, which integrates the excellent characteristics of the two, soft and stiff, humid, breathable, cool and skin -friendly.


Using beautiful hollowing outflowers to burn flower fabrics, to create a loose and casual shape, full of glossy and glossy flower and dark texture texture, it is more three -dimensional and vivid against the background of the see -through mesh. Exploring charming fairy in the silhouette long skirt, showing the style of the goddess of ethereal vulgar goddess


The material of the skirt is a cotton blended flower fabric, and the cloth surface of the surface outlines clear patterns. It is unique and gorgeous. Skin -kissing, moisture -absorbing and breathable. The skirt is designed with an invisible plug -in pocket.


Fashion shirt collar blue and white stripe stitching slim cotton dress


A simple but not simple item, uses classic stripes horizontal and vertical, combined with three -dimensional tailoring clever changes in combinations, to create a rich three -dimensional sense of layering, interpret the infinite possibilities of stripes, use the texture to include cotton fabrics, combined with the relaxed casual version Type, both comfortable and practical, easily show the modern self -style of the avant -garde

High -density fine velvet cotton woven fabrics, flat knitted cotton fabrics, via the veil density of about twice the density of ordinary cotton fabrics. In addition, the quality of the yarn use of the yarn is high, so the latitude and weft of the cloth surface is clear, flat and delicate. The fabric texture is gentle, stiff, cool, smooth, and strong, and strong skin -friendly


Mulberry silk embroidery embroidery real silk linny dress

Draw inspiration in the classic cheongsam, use the real silk gauze to superimply linsea linen, blend the finishing touch of the exquisite sequins, and the layers of stacking are like dreams to build a romantic, beautiful, poetic macro, and the calm elegance. Rich laying sense at the same time, rendering a strong self -literary style

The outer layer of the skirt is the fabric of real silk gauze. It is flat, transparent, hard, light, transparent, and stiff. It is rich in styling. The surface exudes pearl -like natural silk texture and shiny, bringing a quiet luxury. The inner stitching materials are linen fibers, with exquisite dark pattern texture, showing simple and elegant style

Simple Literature and Art Seven Sleeve Castle Dress

Continuing the charm of minimalism and fashion, with bumpy texture of the fabric, giving a distinctive sense of fashion, irregular texture to show a rich sense of muscle texture, injecting the artistic vision with other caves, with loose and leisure A -line models to create casual and free Literary style.


The material of the skirt is used for silk fabrics, and the texture of the pattern is pressed. The cloth surface presents clear and uneven irregular texture. Because the thickness of the cotton and linen yarn is not uniform, the cloth surface is rich in uneven bamboo texture, exuding a natural style, texture texture Soft and stiff, wet, breathable, cool and skin -friendly. (Make old speculation technology