Martin boots have long been out of date. These 4 kinds of boots are now popular.


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Text: Qian Yan


Hello, I am Qian Yan. Fashion is not crazy, I help you, share the most practical “cheats” ▼


Only your own feet know if you don’t fit your feet, as fashion changes

The rich style of the shoe style is also easy to make people look at it

Of course in the autumn and winter season


Dominant world

Different types of boots match, set off the infinite diversity of wearing


And because of its own fashion, it is also recognized by everyone

Therefore, this year’s autumn and winter popular boots collections,

Comfortable and beautiful

The key is to be comfortable and versatile, depending on which one you pick

Thick -bottomed boots

The thick -soled boots are very high, because of the thick bottom design, it will look a bit bulky

And the actual feet will not look so cumbersome to wear, but there are many upper body in this style.


Foot feel is very light

And pure white thick boots, it looks like a noble feeling

With the same color system, it looks like a fairy and beautiful atmosphere

But those who want to try other color systems are also indispensable.




Look1: white thick sole boots


Girls with a straight leg pen can be combined with thick bottom boots. It can be worn with small feet pants.

Body advantage



Thick legs

The girl is


No recommended choice

, This will expose your body’s shortcomings more

If you still want to create some delicate sense, you can incorporate diamonds or

Flatus modification

It looks luxurious but not losing the sense of glory, and also minus the thick bottom.

Visual oppression

Look2: black thick sole boots

Speaking of universal black -soled short boots, it is suitable for a variety of scenes, both elegant and generous


Stable and implicit

If a thick heel or high -heeled design is added on the basis of the thick bottom


So for young children, it is also very friendly

Being able to raise your body visually,

It looks tall and slim

Match with pants and skirts that are also primary colors, more

Retro charm

, I also feel more obvious

Own temperament

Look3: patent leather thick bottom boots

For those who like to chase fashion, like to wear on it

A little dazzling

Some, you can choose patent leather thick soles boots



Self -luster

It looks like Yuyu is born

If the color of the clothes

More dim

Then the thick bottom boots of this material should have a good bonus effect

And the visual focus is moving down, it is also possible to try the fat star

Leave the eye -catching point to the lower body to ignore the fat feeling on the body

Look4: Printing thick bottom boots


Sometimes it doesn’t need to be the same, and occasionally it can be paired with some new ideas

Unique decoration

It will become more wearing


And the thick -soled boots with printed modes can be easily controlled.

To avoid complication

Then the suggestion is

Selection of clothing


, Try to use some as some

Solid tone

This level seems to be amazing, it is easy

Wear a sense of layering

Look5: round head thick bottom boots


The thick -soled boots of the round head shape, if the thick -soled design is relatively high, then it looks slightly slightly slightly

A bit exaggerated

And like this, it looks a little bit light and heavy visually

You can join the long coat, or add it


Shoulder pad design




This will form a sense of unity in the visual, so as not to feel the previous feeling

Those who like to be cool can also be matched with sunglasses bags,

Wear a fashionable fan

Look6: Color thick bottom boots

Autumn and winter are relatively dull, visual vision is plain, and if wearing it, it is too monotonous


Then it will show a kind of

Deliberate and rigid

the taste of. One pair

Color thick bottom boots

You can break this silence

Go up and down with bright colors of clothing bags


It can also create the beautiful scenery of autumn and winter. It is also quite a response to shopping with friends or dating their male gods.

Functional climbing boots

Functional wind climbing boots are boots that are outdoors, full of strong

Neutral simplicity

It is a lot of love for girls who like to wear simple girls

With a handsome and handsome feeling, with jeans or small -footed trousers to wear trousers, they are all very good choices, or they can be combined with half -body denim skirts

Create the highlights of the vision,

It seems that the casual atmosphere is also very strong

Look1: lace



The sense of layering is in place

Can also


Freely adjust the looseness of looseness

, Bring a comfortable and fitting sense of feet

Most of them are flat -bottomed design, which is very suitable for walking. It is matched with black and white gray clothing

If you feel dull and monotonous, you can add some

Fashion embellishment


Like retro stripes, British plaid modification, fashion degree will be deepened

Look2: Dadi color machine energy mountain climbing boots

With some warm -colored earth color machines, the wind climbing boots are the most suitable in winter

If the color of the clothing


With its addition, the whole dress will also glow different vitality

Select the right pants according to your legs


Choose loose legs with thick legs

Straight sports pants, jeans, jeans

, And the legs are used



Handsome leather pants

, All look suitable

Look3: round head function wind climbing boots

The functional wind climbing boots of the round head shape are actually the most

Classic versatile

And it is also the most durable


Wearing can make the foot space more affluent, and the sense of foot feels also appears

More comfortable

Like a simpler, can be adopted



black Brown

These colors that are suitable for autumn and winter are not burdensome to match

If you want to make a little more colorful, you should use a little contrasting modification, or change the shoelace to a color.

LOOK4: White Machine Wind Climbing Boots

White mountaineering boots are like a clear stream in winter, bringing

Fresh and beautiful

Despite some

Cold wind


, But it is also unable to stop its fashion taste


Pure clean and tidy, it is also the ultimate choice for many fashion beautiful eyebrows

In winter with any color of clothing, you can wear fashionableness, plus this handsome feeling of functional wind boots

It looks like it shows



And with clothing also look like


LOOK5: Personal climbing boots

The combination of color combination of color mountaineering boots, too much fashionable and foreign


If you like to tone some secrets, you can choose the color of color matching not too gorgeous

And those who like to exaggerate, you can ignore it. Choose according to your preferences, which can be more


It is possible to match the elegant pleated skirt or umbrella skirt, and wearing a pair of sunglasses can reveal

Full of gas

Patent leather boots

The gloss of patent leather boots is very strong, wearing


And the visual sense is also very picky


It is also very beautiful with various types of clothing. Choose the corresponding clothing to wear according to different models to wear out

Perfect body ratio

Look1: black patent leather boots

Black patent leather boots with a sharp mouth, a little more warm and gentle




No matter if the thick legs and thin legs, you can try it. If the heel is also a fine heel,


Then femininity will look stronger

Coupled with the height of the boots, adapt to a jacket with different lengths

With small feet pants, you can put the pants mouth into the boots, and the skirt can be put down like this at will

Go through

Elegant and romantic temperament

, And can

Thick legs



LOOK2: lace -up patent leather boots

Some boots do not seem to have any highlights, so you can just work on the style.


Choose a little bit


, Or with


, Or integrate a little bit


All can

This makes the boots not look single, and it is also very foreign.


On the choice of clothing, you can use skirts or coats to match, which is suitable for autumn and winter and can be worn



Square boots

The retro square boots are not stressful to the tip of the foot,

Even girls or wide -feet girls can wear it

And its styling style is also slightly different, the length is tall and the heels are different, so the trendy style and attribute character will not be the same.

Look1: Set the square boots

Suitable for lazy people’s square boots, it is very popular in winter. Do not worry about zipper hanging wounds and socks, or bend over to wear.

This type of boots is generally

More loose

It is also very good

Suitable for rough legs to wear

, With different clothing, look diverse style


This autumn and winter has the appearance of these boots, and your clothes will definitely be improved. The young ladies and sisters can wear it by themselves

Presumably it is the one that suits you, and it is fashionable and gentle in autumn and winter.

Show your different style

So Martin boots have long been out of date, now this is popular

4 kinds of boots

, Fashionable and fashionable, the little fairies quickly get up, let’s get up.

I am Qian Yan, I hope to share the beauty and understanding with you, so that you have a update understanding of styles and colors. In the journey of fashion, let us grow together.

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