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Yogurt is a delicious and nutritious food. It is made of Paramug milk as the raw material and is made after adding beneficial bacteria to fermentation. The nutrients contained in it are similar to ordinary milk, but because of the fermentation process, lactose in milk is decomposed into glucose and semi -lactose, so people who are not tolerated by lactose can enjoy it. In addition Intestinal health, this makes yogurt a “star” in the ranks of dairy products.


Do you have these troubles?

There are few yogurts containing milk and fermented bacteria, and the price is high. As one


Diabetes patients with lactose intolerance


It’s a bit difficult to drink milk.

Fruit yogurt is high sugar, and adults

Daily sugar intake should not exceed 50 grams, it is best to control below 25 grams

, A bottle of yogurt under the belly, the sugar share is used up today …

The commercially available yogurt is stored in the freezer, the temperature is too cool, and it is uncomfortable. The yogurt treated with Passean such as Amusi and Moslian has no live probiotics.

The old yogurt is sweet and smooth, but most of the taste depends on the thickener.

Don’t worry, when you learn to make your own yogurt, the above problems can be solved. In fact

Yogurt production step

Materials: 400 ml of pure milk, 1 fermented bacteria powder, yogurt machine

figure 1


first step


Wash the yogurt machine, clean and use boiling water to blame the sterilization, see Figure 2

Step 2

Add pure milk and fermented bacteria to the yogurt machine, stir well, see Figure 3, Figure 4

third step

The yogurt machine is powered on for 8-10 hours, until the pure milk of the liquid is solidified, see Figure 5

Figure 2 Figure 3


Figure 4 Figure 4


Finished product display

A big piece of original flavor without adding yogurt! Its texture is thick, and there are a small amount of yellow liquid in a sticky paste or brushed state (this is the milk of milk, just stir it when you eat it), see Figure 6.

Image 6

No yogurt machine and fermented bacteria powder, you can make yogurt with milk powder


With no yogurt machine and fermented bacteria, you can also make healthy and delicious yogurt with milk powder, please see the following!

Wash the container (the food -grade plastic box with the lid) and blac itbbing with boiling water, add 100 grams of full -fat pure milk powder, 400 ml temperature boiling water, and 50 ml of commercially available yogurt to the container.

Put the fresh -keeping box on the home electric kettle (the temperature here is exactly suitable for fermentation), see Figure ②.

Cover the towel for 8-10 hours until the liquid milk is solidified, see Figure ③, ④

Figure ①: 100 grams of whole milk powder+400 ml of warm boiling water+50 ml of commercially available yogurt

Figure ②: Put the fresh -keeping box on the kettle of working

Figure ③: Covering towels for insulation 8-10 hours

Figure ④


Precautions for yogurt fermentation

The success of yogurt fermentation is closely related to the quality of milk, the activity of fermentation bacteria, and the degree of cleanliness of fermentation.

Choose full -fat pure milk powder than boxed milk to make yogurt and better taste, but you must pay attention to choosing non -added whole -fat pure milk powder, because additional vitamins and trace elements will affect the growth of fermented bacteria. When choosing a box of milk, you should choose full -fat pure milk, and the protein and fat content should be> 3.2g/100ml. Milk and other. In addition, the different quality of milk sources and milk will make the fermented finished products different. Generally, there are many antibiotics and poor quality of milk fermented yogurt.

Fermented bacteria powder should be kept in a cool and dry place in room temperature or refrigerator.

Avoid using expired bacteria powder

When choosing a commercially available yogurt to introduce fermented bacteria, pay attention to the selection of new products with a new date, and pay attention to the reasonable preservation of the purchase on the way to avoid affecting the activity of fermented bacteria.

Pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of fermented containers

, Avoid mixing mixed bacteria, affect the fermentation process and cause food safety problems.


After learning homemade yogurt …

After homemade yogurt, the consumption of thickeners and preservatives is reduced, which meets the needs of nutrition and health; self -made fermented yogurt allows you to drink fresh and lively fresh yogurt with temperature and live bacteria every day. Another point, homemade yogurt is very cheap, you can drink milk without licking the cover!

Yogurt and clinical application

Nowadays, more and more people realize that intestinal health is an important factor in determining the health of the body. Yogurt as the product of probiotic fermentation helps


Maintain the balance of the original intestinal micro -ecological


In addition, milk protein is fermented by lactic acid bacteria, which increases ionized amino acids and peptides, which is more likely to be digested and absorbed. With the deepening of people’s intestinal micro -ecological research, clinically use special fermented yogurt for antibiotic -related diarrhea; it has the characteristics of high pH values ​​using special fermented yogurt to prevent digestion caused by too low pH in the stomach. Tao ulcers; also use special fermented milk to seal the tube of the gastric tube patients, so that the pupa in the yogurt inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the gastric tube.

Having said so much, it’s time to enjoy yogurt!


The original yogurt is very good. It can be used as a meal for meals. If you want to taste more abundant, you can add some nuts, fresh fruits, biscuits or a small amount of honey to blend the sour taste, just like below picture. Do it, health, delicious, zero -added yogurt, you deserve it!


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first step

Step 2

third step

Finished product display