Introduction to the application of water level sensors in the home appliance industry


Many applications in life are useful to water level sensors, and their applications in the home appliance industry are also very wide.


The main function of the water level sensor in home appliances is to detect liquid levels, realized by detecting liquid levels, reminders of high and low liquid levels, reminders of lack of water, water shortage and power, anti -overflow reminder, etc., which can derive multiple functions such as multiple functions.Essence

The photoelectric water level sensor can be applied to the appliance application of water dispensers, coffee machines, water purifiers, humidifiers, and so on.The difference between the transmitted light to determine which state is in which the sensor is in.


The capacitor sensor is detected by tightening the outside of the container. The material of the container and the thickness of the container will be required, and it cannot be applied to the detection of metal containers.In addition, the stability of the capacitive -type easily affected by the water tank container medium is not as good as the photoelectric type in terms of detection accuracy.