The curtains at home are destroyed by mistake, spending so much money decoration is white


When do you install curtains?

The customized cycle of curtains is generally about 10-15 days. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy curtains when installing the floor. After the floor is completed, the curtains are measured. After the first cleaning, the curtains are installed before entering the furniture.


What kind of curtain rod should not be installed without a ceiling?

Roman rod.


Don’t install a slide rail without a ceiling. It is not beautiful. If you do the ceiling, you can reserve the space of the curtain box during the decoration. Install the slide curtains. Remember to be accurate in size.

How big is the curtain area?


① Width: The left and right sides of the curtain should be 10-15 cm wider than the window frame. If it is a thin curtain, it needs to be twice as pleated. If it is a very thick curtain, you can consider 1.5 times depending on the situation.

② length: The length of the curtain can be gently brushed.

How to judge the shielding of the shading curtain?

In the backlight, turn on the flashlight mode of the mobile phone, and press it under the fabric. The less light, the better the shielding effect.


How to distinguish whether the curtains contain formaldehyde?

① smell the taste: If the curtains emit a stimulating odor, it may indicate that there are more formaldehyde residues, it is best not to buy.


② Picking color: When picking curtains, you should buy light colors, so that the risk of exceeding the standard of formaldehyde will be smaller.

③ Look at the variety: Be careful when buying curtains with anti -contraction and wrinkle resistance. Pay attention to whether the fabric label is marked with formaldehyde content. If there is no standard or exceed the content, it is not appropriate to buy it.

Electric curtains Electric Electricity Electricity or AC?

It is best to choose DC. The DC motor is small, the noise is smaller, and the electricity saves and mute.

How long does the curtain need to do?

From the ceiling to the floor


Small apartment curtains are recommended to hang high, visually extend, and it seems to be higher. If you only hang half, you will feel very depressed.

Which material is better for curtain cloth?

Common materials for curtains are linen, velvet, polyester, etc. The specific characteristics are as follows:

1. Wells of linsea, general lighting properties, easy to wrinkle and difficulty, suitable for the living room.

2. Velvet sound insulation and shielding effects are good, the price is expensive, suitable for bedrooms.

3. Polyester verticality is good, easy to clean without shrinking, suitable for multiple types of space.

How much shading is needed in the bedroom curtains?


1. Curtains with a discount rate of more than 70%in bedrooms;


2. Curtains with a discount rate of about 50%in the living room;


3. Curtains with a discount rate of about 30%in study rooms;


4. Children’s rooms generally choose curtains with a discount rate of about 50%. Excessive shielding rate can make children lack a sense of security.

When you buy curtains, turn on the flash of the phone across the curtain cloth. The higher the curtains, the higher the light.

How much is the curtain fold multiple?

The smaller the curtain fold, the closer to the plane, the larger the more three -dimensional sense, the generally 1.5 to 2 times. The larger the choice of the curtain folds, but the better the decoration style and the size of the window. The more complicated and thicker the style, the higher the wrinkles.

1. The complex style of European, neoclassical and other complex styles, it is recommended to have twice the fold multiple;

2. American, light luxury and other medium styles, it is recommended to have a fold multiple of 1.8 times;

3. Modern and Nordic simple styles, it is recommended that the fold multiple is 1.5 times.


4. Large windows with a width of more than 2m, it is recommended to choose a small multiple folds;

5. Small windows with a width of 1.4m to 1.8m, choose larger multiple wrinkles, more beautiful;


6. The higher the window, the larger the fold multiple;

7. The shorter the window, the fold multiple can be reduced properly.

How much is the curtain?

1. The curtains generally have two layers, that is, a layer of cloth and one layer. When pointing to the sample in the store to ask the price, you should pay attention to the price of the boss’s reply, which is probably just the price of the cloth, and does not contain yarn. Therefore, you need to ask the decision before making a decision.


2. The total price of the fabric money is equal to the total price of the curtain (×) the curtain price of the curtains is window cloth+auxiliary materials (cloth bands, Roman rods, Roman rods, suspension rails, lace, window curtains, etc.). The offer of the merchant is likely not to be a transaction price. At this time, it is recommended that the boss “calculate the auxiliary material about one meter more meters?”

Choose cotton or polyester?

1. Polyester fiber curtains are polyester, high polyester strength, light transmittance, and can offset about 80 % of sunlight radiation; super strong elasticity, close to wool, so it is not easy to leave wrinkles and will not deform; But the fabric is easy to get the ball, and the texture will be worse. Polyester fiber is prone to static electricity, so it should be washed with a soft agent. Otherwise, there is no fold. In general, the cost of polyester curtains is relatively cheap. Ma’s 1.5*2.7 size also buys dozens of yuan. Friends who rent a house or have a limited soft outfit budget are very friendly. Although the material is easy to get the ball, as long as it is not rubbing the curtains every day, the ball will not be too serious. But friends with pets, especially cats, remember to avoid it.

2. The names of cotton and linen are mixed fabrics of cotton and hemp. This material’s fabric is also for the shortcomings of comprehensive linen curtains, adding the advantages of cotton material. Cotton and linen light permeability is better. Anti -electrostatic, can’t afford the ball. Natural environmental protection without any chemical components. But it is not resistant to the sun, and shrink it once. The requirements for drying and cleaning are very high. It is generally recommended to dry washing. For curtains that are not tolerated, it is recommended to put as much as possible in the bedroom or study. These two spaces are easy to ensure cleaning, the privacy is also good, and relatively less dust. Curtains can avoid cleaning and drying multiple times.

How to choose the curtain rod?

There are generally 2 types of curtain rods, sliders and Roman rods.

1. Slide: A string of pull -ups in the middle of a track.


[Advantages]: Multi -track exercise at the same time, there is no limit on length, low market price, and long service life. And if the window is irregular, the orbital pole can also bend and has strong adaptability.

[Disadvantages]: It is inconvenient to disassemble and clean up. If you want to clean the sliding rail rod, you need a clean pulley, as well as cleaning curtains; if it is directly exposed to the rail rod, it is easy to accumulate ash and affect the indoor beauty!

2. Roman rod: The ring is wearing a ring in the middle of the rod, and the two ends are blocked with a head larger than the ring.

[Advantages]: The window that can be applied to the ceiling curtain box in advance. The shape is beautiful and can have a good decorative effect; there are diverse styles, including solid wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel for you to choose from.

[Disadvantages]: Restrictions on load bearing. Roman rods are a crossbar. It is a burden to hang the weight of all curtains on the Roman rod. If the curtain is a heavier material, the rod body may be bent! And the length of the Roman rod is also limited, up to 3.5m.

Do I need to choose curtains according to the window?


For the space that requires a high living room, some light and light materials can be used to increase the transparency of the space. The larger parking room should be used to use the floor fabric curtains, which can be equipped with window screens without a shading cloth. The style can be equipped with curtains. Small living rooms can be transmitted with light rolling curtains, cloth louver and sun and night curtains. Different windows, choose different curtains.

East -directional window: The light of the windows on the east room always shoots with the sun rising in the morning, so it can quickly focus on a large amount of light. You can choose louver, silk soft curtain, etc.

Window on the south: The windows on the south have sufficient light all year round. Choosing day and night curtains and fabric curtains is a good choice.

West side windows: West sunbathing increases the temperature of the room, especially in the hot summer, the windows should be closed frequently or covering it, so you should try to use curtains that can spread the light source and block ultraviolet rays as much as possible. You can choose a shutter, wind curtain, pleated curtain, wooden curtain, fabric curtain.

Window on the north: Light enters the home from the windows north, which is very uniform and bright. Choose curtains with good light transmission effects, such as shutters, wind curtains, rolling curtains, fabric curtains