How to install the embedded gas stove? How much is good for opening size? Understand before installation, don’t suffer


In recent years, embedded gas stoves have been loved by young people, not only because of its beauty, but also because it is clean. Do you really know? Do you know how to embed it? Or do you know the safest way of installation?

I guess you don’t know.

I have seen too much cases of failure because the opening size is inappropriate and the installation method is incorrect.

So today I will tell you what you need to know before installing the embedded gas stove.

What is an embedded gas stove?

The top of the cabinet is concave and embedded in the gas stove to make the gas stove panel close to a plane and the top of the cabinet, making the kitchen look more elegant and convenient.

If you want to install an embedded gas stove, you need to understand the installation conditions.

1. Determine your qi source


We all know that different gas sources have different requirements for the cooker, so before buying the gas cooker, we need to confirm the type of gas source and choose the matching products.

Three qi sources in daily life

1. LNG:

The main ingredients are propylene, propionide, butane, butyl. The nameplate is marked with “Y” or “LPG”. The common one is 20Y and the rated pressure is 2800Pa.

2. Natural gas:

The main ingredients are methane, and the nameplate is written as “T” or “NG”. Common ones are 10T and 12T, and the rated pressure is 2000Pa.

3. Artificial gas:

The main components are hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and methane. The nameplate is marked with “R” or “MG”, which is divided into 5R, 6R, 7R, and the rated pressure is 1000Pa.

If the cooker is marked with JZT-HA7B-12T, you can judge the home gas stove with 12T natural gas; if the cooker is marked with JZY-QB506-12T, it means that it uses 12T liquefaction gas.

2. Determine the installation location

Electric appliances that are closely related to safety should pay special attention to the installation environment.

The embedded gas stove should be installed in the kitchen, with good ventilation and no strong convection (the area is not less than 2 square meters, and the net height is not less than 2.2m). There must be no other flammable items within 100cm in the exterior gas pipeline and wire stove.

In addition, embedded gas stove

Should keep at least 15cm from the wall

The distance from other items (tableware, condiments, etc.) is at least 75cm.



1. Open two 50mm cabinets × 150mm under embedded gas stoves for ventilation, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon when the cabinet door is turned on and closed, helping to discover gas leaks in time.

2. Please use the gas hose that meets the gas company required by the gas company during installation.

3. If the liquefied gas is used as a gas source, the decompression valve that meets national standards and is detected.

3. Determine the opening size

Before we mentioned that embedded gas stoves need to be opened on the table, there is a professional term: R horn.

The R angle refers to the radius of the opening. For example, if the value of the R angle is 30, the radius of the four arc angles of the furnace is 30mm.


Different types of gas stoves have different requirements for opening size.


Generally speaking, the more accurate the opening size, the better in the future use.

Therefore, please open holes in strict accordance with the size marked in the product manual.

4. Determine the socket location

Some embedded gas stoves need to be used for plug -in. Before the formal installation, the position of the power cord should be determined. Generally, the side of the stove is against the wall, and the middle is left.

Remember to reserve a three -hole socket.

If you buy a gas stove with a battery, you don’t need to consider this issue.

If we do this in the early stage, we will get full points. But for the sake of safety, we still need to emphasize the precautions used in the future. We must regularly check whether the gas hose is leaked, and change up to one new one after use. After all, life safety is not a trivial matter.


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