There is a way to wear in the spring and summer season, called “T -shirt+flat shoes”, which is comfortable and age -reducing and temperament.


Whenever the spring and summer season, the least item in the wardrobe is a T -shirt. Although the style is relatively simple, it cannot affect the transformation of T -shirts and can meet women’s needs for wearing.

And the simple basic style can have a variety of ways to wear, can create a casual style, and it can also become more refined.

T -shirt+trousers+flat shoes

For this simple foundation style, in the process of matching, you must consider each item to make the shape more refined.

For example, shoes with flat shoes, youthful and free, you can give unlimited inspiration.


If you want to match more fashionable, you must pay attention to selecting styles. Color and version and shoulder lines are very important.

Sleeveless T -shirt with trousers, which are slim and slim.


Regarding the coordination of color, you can use the echo between the colors of the upper and lower to create the characteristics.


Especially when wearing colored items, the color of the shoes and T -shirts is the same, and the shape will be more fashionable.

The T -shirt with a falling shoulder design is relatively lazy. You can wear the casual style of spring and summer, but this type of clothes can easily lead to a relatively wide shoulder, which is more suitable for slender figures. girl.

T -shirt+shorts+flat shoes

For T -shirts, the body lines that are satisfied with the upper body can play a modification and better show the advantages of the body. The combination of T -shirts and shorts is more refreshing, suitable for summer.

If the fat on the upper body is relatively obvious, do not choose a tight -fitting T -shirt, and choose a loose T -shirt to modify the body more naturally and effectively.

Regarding the selection of color, in fact, consider the problem of style and skin tone, and directly choose more conventional black, white better

The color of low saturation is also more white.


If you want to have more lively and age -reducing effects in this spring and summer seasons, you can also try more of the color of the Morandi color. When matching, you must have a better street feeling.

T -shirt+skirt+flat shoes


The T -shirt is relatively thin. When matching, you must pay attention to the degree of cooperation with the shoes.


If the overall style is biased towards leisure style, you can wear more shoes or sports shoes

Essence This flat shoes are very comfortable, especially suitable for daily life.

In the process of shaping, many women prefer to match the match between skirts, skirts and T -shirts, not just a lady style.

Based on the length of the skirt and the version, there is a sweet and age -reducing style.

For example, this green T -shirt with a micro -tight -fitting skirt,

The color of the skirt and shoes is the same, and the socks are made of small details, with green, and the color has a good response effect.

The young lady who is better in summer can match this way. It shows her personal height by pulling the proportion of legs, which looks like a hot girl.

In addition to the short skirt that can show a sweet and age -reducing style, you must not miss the long skirt

The matching of T -shirts and skirts, the matching of pants is very different, and the style will be more diverse.


The irregular split skirt is very street style. The white T -shirt on the upper body is printed, but it is not exaggerated at all, creating a very fashionable effect.

After entering the spring and summer seasons, the application frequency of T -shirt items is constantly increasing. After the matching of peace shoes, it can create a variety of different styles. Wearing a more change can improve the sense of fashion.