Every cup of coffee you drink lacks a beautiful spoon


Treat good food for each meal. Good foodware gives a sense of rituals for exquisite life.

Even a simple one -knife, one fork, a spoonful, and a chopstick, they should be decently elegant on the table.

Work overtime, or for leisure time, we will always make a cup of coffee. Have you noticed the spoon in the coffee cup? Maybe they are too ordinary that we have never remembered it.


Drinking coffee is not just coffee itself. Eating is not just a simple food itself.

Today, I will recommend a series of beautiful and exquisite tableware to you, which is made by hand -polished Japanese craftsmen. From the Japanese brand



Essence Add a little ritual to your coffee and dinner.


In the hands of the craftsman, a spoon can produce countless changes, magic sticks, roses, cats and fish are cheerful … exquisite and gorgeous, and interesting.

Following the traditional metal process of Japanese -style, carefully created after several processes.

The surface is smooth and moist, and it feels excellent.


This series of tableware is the Gaosang Metal Corporation in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It has a history of more than 50 years of metal food utensils.

The club is good at designing various animals, plants, and characters as the main design objects, and with various fashion colors, which is very attractive.

Its products are very popular in Japan, and they are also sold to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.

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Gold plating series tableware

Gold -plated products include coffee spoons, stirring rods, western forks, rice spoons, etc.

It is made of Japanese native SUS430 stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature, corrosion resistance, non -toxic, harmless, healthy and safe.


Note: SUS430 stainless steel is a general steel type with good corrosion resistance. It has heat resistance and good stability.

There was a layer of gold on the outside, and the golden light of BlingBling flashed in the sun, which was very textured.


Magic key shape (coffee spoon, mixing rod, western fork)

Like the crown, like the key to opening the door of the magic world.

Drink coffee with it.

Rose -shaped spoon


At the tail of the spoon is a golden rose with leaves, carved warm and detailed, with clear texture. Eating with it is gorgeous and delicate.


Three -piece of cat fish coffee spoons


Including two cat shapes and a small fish -shaped coffee spoon. Simple and beautiful, cute in shape.

Fat Cat Hanging Cup Coffee Spoon

This is a coffee spoon that can be hung up, which is very convenient to use. After stirring coffee, just hang it directly on the edge of the cup.

It looks like a fat cat lying on a cup to peek at you, vivid and interesting. When you drink coffee, you can’t help but be laughed at it.


The material is also a native to Japan’s SUS430 stainless steel. It is manually polished and polished in all directions. Each small detail is round and exquisite.

Two pieces of stainless steel spoon fork

Two pieces include a spoon and one fork. The outer layer has a cartoon -proof cartoon rabbit silicone sleeve.

When drinking hot soup, holding a silicone cover part will not be hot at all.

The shape is cute and interesting, and it is also suitable for children.


Five -piece set of stainless steel knives and spoon shovel


The five -piece set includes knives, forks, big spoons, spoons, shovels, combined with a lot of use.


It can be used to eat cakes, pork chops, ice cream, etc. It can also be used for babies. The handle is designed for the baby to hold it and eat it by themselves.


Wind and round, no edges and corners, with silver metal luster.

Care instructions


1. Do not scrub hard objects such as wire balls to avoid scratches. After cleaning, dry with soft cloth to avoid plating oxidation;

2. Do not use strong alkaline chemicals such as bleach powder, sodium hypochlorite and other washing tableware;

3. Try to avoid cleaning and disinfection with high temperature disinfection cabinets (long -term high temperature will destroy the gloss of metal products).


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▼ Japan Elfin Fork Spoon Series, 21 Youpin is available ▼