Two men in Chongqing were caught in illegal fishing! Whether to constitute “illegal fishing”, experts say


Two fishermen in Chongqing were arrested, and the fish hooks used were scary

For fishing enthusiasts, Chongqing is not only a mountain city, but also a water city. However, after the Yangtze River banned fishing, in order to protect the precarious fish resources, the player of the fishermen has also been greatly restricted.

Civilized fishing has become an inevitable trend of sustainable development of fish resources. However, many people still ignore the rules, and eventually cause bitter fruit. In mid -March 2022, two men in Chongqing Wanzhou secretly used the offender fishing tackle fishing at night in order to fight the teeth festival, but they were caught.

Fish hook used by fishermen

According to media reports, the two men use a special fish hook and fish for fishing with a rod. A fishhook is like a fist size, which looks very appalling!

When the two fishermen were arrested, they had used two fishing rods to catch 7 fish, a total of more than 10 kilograms.


The seized maternal fish

In order to prevent being noticed, the two men specially chose to dispatch in the middle of the night, but they were caught!

According to the investigation of relevant local departments, two of the 7 large fish seized were motherfans to be produced, one of which was 2.05 kg, and the fish eggs were 0.55 kg in the abdomen; the other was 1.3 kg, and the fish eggs were 0.3 kg in the abdomen.

The fish hooks used by two fishermen are as big as fists, and each hook has 3 hook tips.

Seized fishing tackle


It is said that this is a tool specializing in anchor fish. There are 4-7 such large hooks tied to a fish line. The fishermen use the throwing rod on the shore to throw the fish hook into the water, and then quickly pull it. The fish hook searches in different water layers. Once the fish is encountered, the fisherman caught the fish line and hung the big fish alive.

Expert: illegal fishing may face a three -year sentence


The above fishing behavior is called “anchor fish” by the fishermen, and most of the fishing enthusiasts do not recognize this fishing method.


Some fishermen say: Rather than call the fisherman, it is better to call it “illegal fishingman”.


In fact, similar “fishing” behavior is a way of fishing that is banned. The fishing tools used have exceeded the category of fishing utensils and have been included in the “Disable Fishing Tools of the Yangtze River”.


Therefore, with such “big fist” anchor hook fishing, once arrested, it may be qualitative with “illegal fishing for aquatic products”.


Coincidentally, on March 14th, two men in Yibin in Sichuan used a fishing tackle to fish in the waters of the Yangtze River. They were seized by the local management department. They fished only two fish. As a result, they became “illegal fishing suspects” and were taken for mandatory measures.

For similar illegal fishing behavior in the Yangtze River waters, relevant departments have always adopted a zero tolerance attitude. If you use the disabled fishing tackle fishing, it may be responsible for criminal responsibility, which is definitely not playing.

In this regard, a fish protection expert from the Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences said: The use of disable fishing gear, illegal fishing in the fishing period or prohibiting fishing waters may constitute “illegal fishing products”. Imprisonment, detention, control or fine.

Focus: Whether the behavior of two men constitutes “serious plot”

The two men in Chongqing used the “anchor hook” to hook 7 fish. Two of them were to produce female fish. After the fish body was dissected, a large amount of fish eggs were taken out. Is this behavior considered “serious plot”? According to the relevant explanation, whether it constitutes a “serious plot”, it depends on the following aspects:

First, do the disable fishing gear and methods used cause serious harmful consequences? According to the provisions of,

Illegal fishing for an eggs or fishing products in aquatic seed resources protection areas, fishing for more than fifty kilograms in the inland waters or more than 500 yuan, it constitutes a serious plot!

The two fishermen fishing for 7 fish must not reach more than 50 kg, but does their value reach more than 500 yuan?

It depends on how the relevant departments have considered and whether the fish eggs in the fish are also calculated? It is still unknown.

Secondly, when the two men were arrested, they had a bad attitude when they were arrested. Whether they realized their mistakes, whether they had repentance or the willingness to restore ecological losses, this was also very important. If the two fishermen do not cooperate when the fishing tool is confiscated, or abuse the manager, it may be characterized as “serious plot”.

The behavior of the two fishermen in Chongqing, if it is considered “illegal fishing”, may face up to 3 years of sentences, which is unbearable for anyone. Therefore, the editor also reminds the majority of fishing enthusiasts that in the waters of the Yangtze River, they must follow relevant regulations and do not have a good mind. Once they violate the regulations for their own greed, they may be unimaginable.