The quieter Camera Leica M10-P is priced at 61000


The most significant change in the appearance of the Leica M10-P comes from the front red logo from the body of the M10-P, which is replaced by the inconspicuous Leica letter logo on the top board. It is understood that this change from Leica comes from many professionals using Leica cameras often cover the positive red standards with tape to make the camera more hidden and cautious. Essence The current camera is priced at 61,000 yuan in Leica Jingdong self -operated stores.

Leica M10-P has moved the front red label

比胶片还安静的数码相机 徕卡M10-P售价61000

Instead, the Leica letter logo on the top of the aircraft is

The Leica M10-P is compared with the sisters model M10 only has a slight difference. These details include the quieter shutter of the M camera ever in history. Leica said that a seemingly insignificant detail is a huge difference between good and great photos. It is understood that in the era of film cameras, many theaters allow only M cameras to shoot performances, because they think that the sound of the reflector of the SLR camera will interfere with the actors and the audience, so the Leica M10-P is the first quieter than the film camera products. Digital camera.

Leica M10-P has the quietest shutter in the M series cameras, even more quieter than film cameras

Leica M10-P is equipped with a new touch screen, which is also the first M camera with touch function. The new touch screen function can control the focus position faster in real -time and playback mode, and view photos more conveniently in the browsing mode. In addition, the Leica M10-P camera also has a built-in electronic level correction instrument, which can achieve precise composition of the camera and avoid laborious correction in later processing.

Leica M10-P is equipped with a new touch screen

比胶片还安静的数码相机 徕卡M10-P售价61000

The Leica M10-P provides two appearances: black and silver, but the M10-P is no different from the M10 in terms of sensors, processors and other specifications. The camera will be available today for $ 7,995 (about 54,751 yuan).

Leica M10-P silver appearance photo

Leica M10-P black appearance photo

· Leica M10-P camera specifications:

Sensor: 24 million pixels full -frame CMOS

Processor: Maestro II

比胶片还安静的数码相机 徕卡M10-P售价61000

ISO range: 100-50000

Display: 3 -inch 10.36 million drawing touch -touch LCD

Watchter: 0.73x optical viewfinder

Skill speed: 8-1/4000 S

Flash synchronization rate: 1/180 s

Exposure compensation: +/- 3EV

Specification speed: 5FPS

Storage medium: SD/SDHC/SDXC

Battery: BP-SCL5 (210 can be taken)

比胶片还安静的数码相机 徕卡M10-P售价61000

Body weight: 660g

Body size: 139 × 39 × 80 mm

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This time Leica M10-P’s “almost silent” shutter is the most noteworthy point, which is one of the reasons why the Leica camera has always been regarded as a model of street shooting. At the same time Many professionals who use Leica cameras often cover the positive red standards with tape to make the camera more hidden and cautious. The changes in the above two points are more in line with the original intention of incompetence.

比胶片还安静的数码相机 徕卡M10-P售价61000

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