Honey fruity preserves, sweet and sourness is me, so that my mouth is no longer tasteless


As a senior foodie, watching these sweet and sour foods, saliva will inadvertently secrete more. Wang Mei quenching thirst will make us appetite. You can eat it in your spare time, it will let you eat it ~

Honey bayberry is dry, bright in color, and sour bayberry is dry, and the praise of agate in the fruit is another deliciousness of our tongue appetizers. Oh.

The hospitable honey bayberry dried

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Banmei is processed by mature plums. Through the separate half -plum -colored seductive, the entrance is strong, the taste is fresh, and the hot summer day can prevent heatstroke and cooling down and refreshing thirst. It is a must for summer.

Yimeng guy Panmei

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The golden and bright pearl plum is round and full, and the color and taste of fresh original fruits are retained with high -quality production technology. The sweet and sour taste is reminiscent.

Snow Sea Mei Township Pearl Mei


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There are no nuclear red apricots in Xuehai Mei Township, and the non -nuclear red apricot dried drooling of drooling has maintained the natural color and nutrients of fresh apricots. The meat is thick and chewy, with a sweet and sour taste. Eating a few can make the stomach more comfortable and quench their thirst in summer.

4 bags without nuclear red apricots in Xuehai Mei Township

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Xinjiang Tianshan Big Blame, Black Permian is soft, and it tastes sweet and sour. It is made from Rosaceae Plants Europe. One is also conducive to our health care.

Tianshan Dawugan, Xinjiang

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Fresh gravity is 3 bags of lemon slices. This flavor lemon slices are made of instant food. If you do n’t need to soak, you can smell the fragrance of the lemon, taste a piece of flavor and sweet taste, and have the feeling of eating fresh fruit. The tip of the tongue will be fragrant and natural.


Fresh gravity is 3 bags of lemon slices

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Speaking of sweet and sour flavor, it is really indispensable to cranberry. Don’t underestimate the cranberry. Corruption Berry is really a food that crosses the sea. It can also prevent some gynecological problems. It has always been the love of many women, and the drying results still maintain the most primitive taste.

Steel is too cranberry dried

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If it is dissolved in the flavor of Chenpi, Mei Fudon, which tastes sweet and sour, has a strong flavor of custardful skin, and has a sweet flavor. Eating Chenpi can not only appetite, but also reduce phlegm and cough. It can be said that it is suitable for all ages. There are some custardful sugar in the home, sweet and sweet.


Chen Pie Mei Mo Mei Sofuson 2 bags


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With the plum film, you don’t need to worry about the problem of the nuclear nuclear, even if you are not afraid of embarrassment, you just need to put it in your mouth. The taste is sweet and sweet. Dinner is also suitable for sisters with babies to eat. When you want to eat a few slices, it is convenient to save trouble.


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Shanxi specialty hawthorn rolls, casual snacks made with sweet and sour hawthorn, are also the taste that we used to be worthy of memories on the tip of our tongue, sweet and sour, elastic taste, delicate taste, and delicious summer.

Xinzhixin Hawthorn roll

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Hawthorn strips are delicious with hawthorn pulp as the main ingredients. We eat appetizers before meals, eat and eat after meals, taste soft and fragrant, and color is more attractive. It is appropriate.


Kangleyuan Two -color Blood Bar


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