Wear less long down jacket, this winter is popular “short cotton clothes”, the lower body is like this, very high


This winter is very popular wearing “short cotton clothes”, and the lower body is equipped with the tide, too high.


Although the long down jacket is very good in winter, it is very good, but for small children, too long down jackets are really unfamiliar. When I bloated, I’m easily lowered, it is a bit difficult to control!

So, there is nothing in the child, or less from the long down jacket, try this year’s winter “short cotton clothes”, high and fashionable, the lower body follows this, the second is high.


Short cotton clothes, compared to some difficult long down jackets to be more friendly, at least wear a lot of stomatics, so that the lower body looks more difficult, visual not only is high, but also legs.

So, how do you get better for this “short cotton clothing” this year’s winter popular this year? Below is LILY to carefully organize the related wear, interested in seeing it!

Short cotton clothing style recommended

1, Linger short cotton clothes

This year, whether it is a royal row down jacket, or a lot of cotton clothing is very popular, and the production of cross quilting, such a cotton jacket, wearing the body is completely unprofitable and fat. And its version is also loose, the effect of thinning meat is very good, even if it is stacked, you don’t have to worry about it fat ~


2, plush stitching short cotton clothes

The cold winter, the clothes of the furry fabric can always bring a warm warm, and this plush splicing short cotton clothing, it will be warm in winter. The plush stitching is in the clothes, cuffs, and collars, just in the place, breaking the original single-tuning, give yourself a warm winter!

3, cream short down jacket

In the winter, there are really many people in the street wearing a black lattice, so how can you continue to follow the wind? It is recommended that this low-key and gentle cream short cotton clothing is really super-temperament. In the front two big pockets, when you go shopping, put your hand in, so you don’t have to worry about it. In addition, this color is also very good, not picking people at all, belonging to who is wearing who is good.

4, big fur collar short down jacket

The short cotton suit with big hair collar is very warm, what do you think? The key is that in such a furcase, the whole face will look very small, there is a luxurious atmosphere. The loose version, has a lot of inclusive, fresh butter fruit, too much, very short, very down.


How to match short cotton clothes

★ short cotton clothes + pants


For small fairy more afraid of cold, when wearing short cotton clothes, the lower body chooses that pants is more secure. Whether it is tight, or can be loose. This kind of styles are relatively simple brown short cotton clothes, it is really good to look good, and the length of the buttocks is the style of exclusive and small children.


The lower body is mixed with black tight jeans + black lace Martin boots, the pants are consistent with the color of the shoes, and the combination of horses can increase the harmony of the shape, and there is also an advanced. Of course, don’t you think so, is more thin enough?

The short cotton suit of plush stitching, the whole jacket doesn’t seem to be quoted, at least much better than the basic model. The design, practicality is still quite strong in front of the front, and you can also install some small accessories, mobile phone lipsticks. With gray knitted waters, it is very thin and warm, the shorter combination, the visual leg line line is long.

Warm South, now it has also been formally cool, and it is exactly to arrange such a short cotton suit. There is no long down jacket as a bloated and heavy, short cotton clothes are relatively good to harness some, at least its length, is very friendly for girls who are less than 156.


The inside is a bottoming shirt + sweater stacking, too warm, the lower body chooses a cream white sports pants, thickened fabrics, don’t worry about it will be cold ~ finally put a pair of sports shoes, and wear Jack add a few minutes of casual movement.

★ short cotton clothes + skirt

Caraved color short cotton clothing, it looks too warm, telling the truth, this color is really suitable for cold season. The loose h version is simple to be the exclusive, with a tight bottoming shirt. You can try a short skirt in the lower body. In the skirt, remember to wear leggings, The wind temperature is both. In general, the small fairy in the South can wear this, the north is afraid of being able to detour ~


This winter, the temperature must also be characterized, small children are worth learning a set of layers, short cotton clothes + long skirt, so wear is also very nice ~ a white dress, compared to a darkness ” ” White fur collar short cotton clothes, taking the same color sweater and a long skirt, the skirt is equipped with white leggings, plus a pair of white hairy shoes, and wearing the back of the street is really high!


155 small children are so worn, there is a set of autumn and winter. Dark brown short cotton clothing coat, some loose version, sleeves are personal bat sleeves, for microves and girls are really friendly, the skin is slim. The next body is mixed with a black middle dress, complete “zero error” combination, of course, it is not good to wear a skirt, remember to add a black leggings inside, so beautiful and temperatures. The scarf on the neck, add a lot to the whole shape, fashionable and warm.


How about it? After reading the sharing above Lily, do you think this year’s winter popular “short cotton clothes” also like it? Wear less long down jacket, give yourself a short cotton clothing, the lower body is coming, it is high and good.

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