The chat history broke the “fairy man”, Huo Zun was so cold this time


Before the chat history was exposed, the common labels on Huo Zun were: Personal and Guizi, Guo Feng Junior.

However, when his ex -girlfriend Chen Lu, who had been in love with 9 years, raised the “Thunder Hammer”, these people burst into the place instantly–

“My social status today is still with her, it is a gift to her.”

“Women should have a woman. (She) If this is this*, I will kill her.”

In the WeChat group, Huo Zun, who claims to be “Liu Xia Hui’s deity”, can make people come out overnight meal yue. He also talked about derailment in the group chat, asked pornographic pictures, and even met with people to go to Eastern Europe.


Unbearable chat records quickly pushed him to hot search. Immediately, the China Cultural Management Association’s Network Culture and Industry Commission (“China Network Industry Committee”) spoke about it, quoting the content in the “Administrative Measures for the Administrative Self -discipline of Performing Artists”, indicating that the entertainers who caused serious adverse social impacts can be by the industry. Joint resistance.

Huo Zun’s “cool” undoubtedly sounded the alarm to the celebrities again: learning and learning virtue first. The better the packaging is, the more miserable it will fall on the day when the horse is revealed.


The China Network Working Committee was Huo Zun’s “chat record event.

The “collapse” caused by the chat history


Many people know that Huo Zun started with the song of “Rolling Bead Curtain”.

“Painting towards flying to Nanpu Yun, pearl curtain twilight rolling west mountain rain”, the title “Rolling Bead Curtain” three words are taken from Wang Bo’s “Teng Wang Pavilion Preface”. In 2014, Huo Zun participated in the CCTV program “Chinese Good Songs”. With this Chinese style song red all over the Internet, it not only won the annual champion of the program, but also on the Spring Festival Gala of the Malaysia.

Many people also impressed Huo Zun. On August 8th, when Chen Lufen opened his relationship with Huo Zun, many netizens also sent blessings.

Chen Lu Weibo released a photo with Huo Zun and accompanied by “love” expression.

Netizens sent blessings in Chen Lu’s Weibo comment area.


However, now when I look back, it may be the last chance left by Chen Lu. However, he always said nothing.


Two days later, Chen Lu published a long article entitled “Nine Years of an Ordinary Girl”. In the article, she tells the whole process of acquaintance, love, and affection of Huo Zun–

At the beginning of acquaintance, Huo Zun had nothing, but she loved him “humble, kind, talented” and worked with him all the way. For him, the youngest deputy senior professional titles and national second -level actors in her dance group gave up her career.


Screenshot of Chen Lu Wei’s long text.

But after Huo Zun was famous, he began to collude with her friends to force her to take the initiative to break up and conduct cold violence to her. After she found out, she asked Huo Zun to confront it, and did not expect the other party to throw off three words: “open a price.”

“In 9 years, I wore two or three hundred clothes on Taobao and bought him the best clothes; I bought him a variety of health products and medicine for the knee all year round; I spent at least two or three million for him these years.” “I (to him) I don’t want money, you don’t know if you owe me in your life … Finally, I said that I want nine million, because I think he can’t accept this number. I didn’t expect him to agree I want to sign an agreement with me, “Chen Lu wrote.

What makes her unexpected is that nine million seems to be a trap, followed by “threat intimidation” ↓↓


Netizens who eat melon are “fried”, and feel that his operation is learning Wu Xiubo.

The next afternoon, Huo Zun finally responded and summarized in one sentence: I hope we are all happy.

Huo Zun’s handwriting response.

At this point, most of the attitudes of the onlookers are still in the spitting man’s ruthlessness and booing the girl to love the brain. Until Chen Lu exposed a WeChat chat group of Huo Zun, public opinion was completely detonated.

Looking at the group name of the chat group- “The flow of lust in Shanghai” -The content of the content of chatting with people in the group is even more vulgar.

While showing off his “record” of his girls, he exposed to eat tonic pills by himself; while insulting women, giving women various “codes”, such as “little pipa essence” and “little zither essence”. All garbage “…

Screenshot of Huo Zun’s chat records exposed by Chen Lu.


After encountering netizens’ resistance and “return” of the show, Huo Zun sent a circle of friends on the Internet, denied derailment and the girls, attributed the chat content to “Hou Hi” and “immature”, and apologized to his family and friends.

The Internet passed on the circle of Huo Zun’s circle of friends to respond. Picture source:

After the “chat record event”, some media photographed Huo Zun’s appearance at the airport and his father Huofeng went to the airport to pick up him. Earlier, Huofeng once spoke for his son on Weibo: “Zun is a kind child, I know my son. Let time and facts prove everything …”

But his statement was ridiculed by netizens: “Your son really follows you.”

Be the same person as your father?

Like his son Huo Zun, the fame of Huofeng also comes from a song- “Big Flower Search”. In the mid -1990s, in the mid -1990s, the song was not yet developed, and this song was full of cheerful and brainwashing melody and lyrics.

And the story of Huofeng and Huo Zun’s mother Zhong Xiaoping, some plots are almost a copy of the story of Huo Zun and Chen Lu.

When the same time is in the micro, the woman gave up a good career -Zhong Xiaoping was the first generation of popular music singers in China. There are many famous songs such as “Blue Memories”, “The Battle of the Beat”, and “Moonlight Disco”. Mainland China brought Teresa Teng’s song to the first person on the stage. When she was in love, she was much greater than Huo Feng’s fame, but she did not dislike the other person and resolutely entered the marriage. Huo Zun was born in 1990. Soon, Zhong Xiaoping faded out of the music scene and taught his son at home.

He also ended with a bitter breakup -when Huo Zun was two years old, he left the fire wind and Zhong Xiaoping, who had gradually drifted away. But at that time, Huo Zun didn’t know these. His parents discussed that he had concealed the divorce and made him think that his father was walking out of the acupuncture point. He could come back to see him once in several months. It wasn’t until Huofeng decided to remarry in 2001 that Zhong Xiaoping told Huo Zun’s truth.

When he was young, Zhong Xiaoping (right) and Huo Zun.


Although his parents are engaged in music, Huo Zun reads the major of business management in college. He can only go to the bar to sing in a spare time in his spare time, and was later excavated by a brokerage company.

In 2012, the company asked him to participate in Oriental Satellite TV to host the music reality show “Sound Asia”. He reached the finals and Huo Feng rushed to the scene to support it. Although the “father and son file” is eye -catching, Huo Zun is still a small and transparent in the entertainment industry.

It was this year that Chen Lu fell in love with Huo Zun at first sight. No one would expect that after 9 years, the emotional trajectories of the two young people coincided with the amazing reunion of the previous generation.


Compared to his father’s fire wind, Huo Zun’s behavior is better.


The “immortal” people are clearly collapsed. Not only do ordinary netizens can’t stand it, but even fans have started the mockery mode. Writing a small composition overnight: “You don’t have to worry about” Brother who is cut in thorns “will bring your level Low Once, the editor has cut you! “” I thought you liked Guzheng, but I didn’t expect what you like was “little zither”. “

After the China Network Industry Commission spoke as the official department, his performance video was removed, and multiple programs announced that Huo Zun was withdrawn from the subsequent recording.


What kind of person is the manner?

In recent years, the incidents of “big rollover” caused by celebrities caused by morality and legal incidents have frequently occurred.

In 2014, he had been married to Ma Yizhen for 6 years. Yao Di, a derailed female actor in the marriage, has caused public opinion “a big earthquake”. Earlier, he did not set up a “love wife and good man”.

Although Ma Yizhen quickly responded to “and cherish” at that time, the article was on the “scum man” label, and his career still plummeted. He disappeared in the public vision for a long time, and even if he returned low -key later, his acting career did not have the glory of the past. And Yao Di also disappeared from the entertainment industry because of his “Primary Three” infamous.

The article derailed Yao Di was photographed, and “Seeing on Monday” became the Internet heat sink.

It was also in 2014 that the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television officially issued a notice of “blocking bad artists”, which was inseparable from the bad influence brought by the two drug artists Fang Zuming and Ke Zhendong.

On August 14th of that year, after reporting from the masses, the Beijing police seized the searcasion of Fang Zuming, Ke Zhendong, Chang Yijiao, etc. in Dongcheng District.

This drug -related case is quite ironic.

Jackie Chan was hired by China as an anti -drug publicity image ambassador in 2009. With the “Jackie Chan Son” halo, Fang Zuming, who broke into the entertainment industry, was exposed by the “Focus Interview” program since 2006. history.

Jackie Chan (right) and Fang Zuming.

Ke Zhendong became popular on both sides of the strait as the image of “Sunshine Big Boy”. He also shot a drug -controlling promotional video, but it is also a “addict” in the back of the ground. It has a history of two years of drug use. He burst into an instant. He cried in front of CCTV’s lens when he was detained in front of CCTV.

Ke Zhendong was interviewed by CCTV in a service.

However, Chinese audiences have always been “zero tolerance” for drug artists, and his apology is ready to return to entertainment.

After being released, Ke Zhendong held a press conference in Beijing and Taipei respectively to apologize to the public about the drug -related incident, but the public did not buy it.

By 2018, there was another star “rollover” refreshing the cognition of netizens.

Jiang Jinfu, who appeared in the costume magic drama “Xuanyuan Sword”, has left the audience, leaving the audience the impression of “sunshine, hard work, but Xingyun is a bit bad”, and once “pity”. However, in November 2018, her Japanese girlfriend Zhongpu Youhua posted a large number of injuries on social platforms, saying that Jiang Jinfu had violence, and said that Jiang Jinfu was “demon”. “One time, (Jiang Jinfu) became a nightmare, and turned over, and began to beat me who was sleeping.”

What’s even more terrible is that shortly after Zhongpu Youhua charged his family violence, Jiang Jinfu’s new girlfriend Julieta also issued a post, saying that he was also violent by Jiang Jinfu. “Broken my phone, break my computer with my hands, cut off my bank card with scissors.” “He caused my hands and feet to bruise, and deliberately made my face unscrupulous.” ” Screening my circle of friends, even interfere with normal life, and the anger and injury burst at any time made me fear … “

Jiang Jinfu, who had already had the opportunity to become a rising entertainment industry, was spurned since then and had to withdraw from the entertainment industry.

Jiang Jinfu’s ex -girlfriend Zhongpu Youhua posted a photo of the domestic violence (pictured right), and Jiang Jinfu soon apologized on Weibo (pictured).

But the most impact in 2018 is Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion incident.

On October 3 of this year, the State Administration of Taxation and the Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau investigated the facts of Fan Bingbing’s “yin and yang contract” tax -related case facts. Fan Bingbing missed personal income tax and the company’s tax evasion, a total of 255 million yuan. Fan Bingbing must pay a tax arrears and fines of over 800 million yuan within the time limit.

The serious investigation and punishment of the tax -related issues of celebrities shocked the entire entertainment industry, and also took a good tax law education course for the film and television industry. As of the end of 2018, the film and television industry has investigated the self -confidence of 11.747 billion yuan.


This year, the “melon” of the star is becoming more and more stunning: Zheng Shuang, the “little fairy” in the eyes of the fans, was abandoned by the overseas surrogacy and sale; Become “legal coffee”.


Derailment, domestic violence, drug use, tax evasion, rape … One after another, the audience’s bitter meal circle chaos, star people have been setting up for a long time.

Huo Zun just hit the “muzzle”. He attributed everything to “Hi Hi” and “immature”. I don’t know if he really understands where he is wrong now.

Learn the art first to learn virtue, and be a person. I hope that every star can practice this sentence. While the fame and fortune are closed, don’t forget to improve the moral quality and make a good example for society. Otherwise, the next “rollover” may be you.

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Screenshot of Chen Lu Wei’s long text.