What are the children’s bed brands


Children’s bed is a bed designed for children. What are the children’s bed brands on the market? Today I will answer it by PCHOUSE one by one.

1. How much love

Because of its gorgeous colors and lively shapes, more furniture is loved by young children and parents. More and more parents will choose more children’s solid wood beds, such as this solid wood bed, which belongs to a double bed. At the same time, it is paired with bookshelves and trailers, which is practical and beautiful.

2. Xiang Shiyuan

Xiang Shiyuan, a professional solid wood furniture manufacturer, also has a good reputation on children’s solid wood bed. For example, this solid wood bed is made of solid wood, without formaldehyde; painted design makes the furniture safer, and parents are more assured. This kind of bed can also be merged with the bed where adults sleep, and functional rationality is owned.

3. Ximengbao

Ximengbao’s children’s bed quality is first -rate. The materials are made of all pine wood imported from the Americas. All structures and loads are thick and practical, and they never compress the cost. The density of the bedboard is concentrated to protect the safety of children. Adopt the traditional tenon -and -mortise structure, so that the bed body is firmly locked and it is not easy to loosen, and it is more assured.


4. Colorful life

In 18 years, focusing on children’s furniture design, the overall furniture looks simple, peaceful, and close. The structure of solid wood beds is mostly used to avoid using too many adhesives to release a large amount of formaldehyde. At the same time, the surface paint is environmentally friendly paint. Even if the child is naughty, there will be no problem.

5. San Cana

The wood used by the Sanchana solid wood bed is imported rubber wood. Focus on furniture production for dozens of years to ensure that its quality is excellent, strictly controlled, and always maintain the industry’s front production technology and quality inspection standards. Idealist.