“It’s too shameful, I’ll pay back the money now!” Lao Lai couldn’t hide it after he brushed his video


Modern Express News (Correspondent Xue Jin Li Hanhan reporter Wang Xiaoyu) “Hey, hello judge, I am Ying **, I will go to the court now to repay the money! Can you help me delete the video, friends call to ask I, it’s really shameful! “” As long as you pay the refund compensation, you can revoke the video of the dishonesty exposure. “

This is a call between the judges of the Lianyun District Court of Lianyungang City and the “disappearing” person. Modern Express reporters learned that after the hospital exposed Lao Lai’s information through the new media platform, Ying, who had been hiding, took the initiative to show himself and contacted the judge to ask for money.

In November 2014, Fu Mou and Yingmou stole a three -wheeled three -wheeled motorcycle worth 4,590 yuan in the car shed in a certain ophthalmic hospital in Lianyungang City.

In 2015, the Lianyun District Court found out that after Fus and Yingmou had premeditated, he went to Lianyungang District and Ganyu District of Lianyungang City many times. The crime of theft was sentenced to four years and three months in prison, and a fine of 30,000 yuan was fined; The fifteen victims had a economic loss of 68,765 yuan. Because Fu Mou and Yingmou had not fulfilled the obligations determined by the effective legal documents, in April 2021, Wu came to the Lianyun District Court to apply for mandatory implementation.

After the Lianyun District Court executed the case, the executive police officer issued relevant documents such as executive notice and property report to the executed person Fu Mou and Yingmou. After many contacts from the executive police, Fu Mou, one of the executors, fulfilled some of the payment obligations after receiving the execution document, but the executed person Yingmou has always refused to answer the phone call to avoid the contact of the executive police. Executive police use the network to perform the investigation and control system inquiring about the bank account opening information, house conditions, and vehicle conditions of the executed person, and no property can be found to be available for execution.

Recently, when the executive policeman was preparing to take the next step of execution measures, the executed person Yingmou took the initiative to contact the executive police officer. It turned out that Yingmou and his friends brushed short videos on their mobile phones, and even brushed Yingmou in the video exposed by the court exposed by the court. For a while, friends called Yingmou to understand the relevant situation. The photos and related information were exposed. The friends around them knew their “black history” and were really shameful, so they immediately rushed to the court to pay the claim. Therefore, the case was successfully concluded.


Since the beginning of the party history study and education, the Lianyun District Court has made efforts to solve the problem of “urgent and sorrow” of the people, and use the new media platform to release exposure to the executed person, give full play to the supervision of the masses, and extensively solicit the whereabouts of the person’s whereabouts and property clues. Through these platforms, the information of the person was accurately pushed to their acquaintances and life circles, and urged them to actively fulfill the obligations determined by the effective legal documents. Since the beginning of this year, the hospital has released a video of the dishonesty. It has been exposed to 60 people who have been exposed to the dishonesty. The viewing volume has reached 3.1 million.


(Photo confession of the court)