There is a type of slippers in Chaoshan. When the Chaoshan people are adults, they must be available, and men and women are divided into men and women.


Chaoshan Muyu, also known as “San Tong”, looks like a high -foot slippers, removes the arc corners in the front and back, flat on the top, and the lower back and back protruding. The front of the body is nailed from the left and right edges with leather or rubber and other materials, which accounts for about a quarter of the noodles. It is convenient for the feet to wear. Muzheng is divided into men and women, women’s noodles are thin and long,



The noodles are wide. The Qing Dynasty Li Tiayuan’s “Nanyue Notes” said, “San Ying is made by Chaozhou


“For the Ya”, this is exactly the beauty of Li Shiyuan’s beauty of Chaoshan Muyu.

Chaoshan Muji

Chaoshan Muyu has a long history. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Chaoshan ancestors had the habit of wearing wooden crickets. This is because the Chaoshan area is located in the subtropical climate. The winter and summer in the year are not much different.


Waiting for benefits. Due to the popularity of the Wooden Wind in Chaoshan, there is also a wooden line.


The style of Chaoshan Muyu is: oval, slightly wider in front, and slightly narrow, only adapt to the “dragon ship” wearing the “dragon ship”; divided into left and right feet, the front toe is slightly lower, the middle is bow -shaped, and the back is slightly higher “recognition”; no Add the “white embryo” with any paint of the wood; paint red, orange, black, brown and other colors, painted the “oil color” of flowers and patterns; Those who are painted together are called “lacquer” and so on.

There is a certain standard for the wood used by Chaoshan Muyu. It is better to be dense and tough, but the materials used are graded. The superior wooden crickets are made of bitter trees. The wood is flexible, not easy to wear, the texture is light, and the walking is light and flexible. The most common wooden cricket in the Chaoshan area is made of olive wood, which is light and tough; after the wet processing is processed, the wood is dry and not cracking; it is not easy to slip down in the rain and the dry and wet transformation. It is convenient and comfortable to wear, but easy to wear out. Essence The low wooden crickets are made of mixed wood, which is bulky and easy to wear.

The production process of Chaoshan Muyu is relatively delicate and particular. The master of the wooden cricket first waved the ax to cut the wooden blocks and cut the four corners of the wood, and then cut out the head, palm, waist, and heels and other parts. Gradually, the prototype of a pair of wooden crickets was revealed, and this program was called “chop”. This process seems simple, but holding five and a half pounds of heavy ax, it requires high skills and force when cutting wood to cut out the radian of the shoe edge delicately. After cutting the rough, the master of the wooden cricket must also switch to the chisel and the hammer, repair the various parts, and compare the left and right feet from time to time to make it completely symmetrical. During the chisel, the master of the wooden puppet depends on the feel, and the height of the heel must be consistent, otherwise, you will limped. After a pair of wooden crickets basically formed, the master of wooden crickets has to take out a plane and repeatedly polish the noodles, the bottom and the edges of the pupa, so that it is smooth and smooth. Then use cloth or glue, plastic slices, or cowhide to nail on the front of the wooden cricket into a tent shape, or the bee waist shape. If it is painted or flower embroidery, it is on the wooden panel paint, painted flowers, on the skin or cloth


Drawing flowers

Hui or embroidered. Before the painting on the wooden billet, you must flatten the bottom, then find some plastic skin or cut into a piece of ravioli, and then paint the billet and the skin. Then apply the second layer of red paint, so repeated three or four times, and you have to go to the time when the weather is good. After the billet and the skin are painted, cut the same size of the same size, and then nail with iron (generally the skin of the feet, only 8 nails are fixed, which means “hair”). , Such a pair of beautiful mahogany 屐 is completed. If it is a female wooden mulberry, you have to draw a variety of patterns on the noodles with a brush.

Before the founding of the New China, the wooden labels in the Chaozhou city are stunned in various streets, and the more concentrated is Dongmen Street, especially from the bamboo door to the side of the river. They retail wholesale and also operate. In the city, the most distinctive feature is the Sima Road family with a black lacquer with a long black lacquer with a length of two meters long. It is covered with the three large golds of “Hu Chengli”. Looking at it, you know that it is the shop. Before the founding of the New China, the “Sanfu Building” outside the water gate is specially sold for brown crickets. The skin is made of various patterns with palms. The feet and various patterns are hollowed out. The form is unique. It is high, and by 1949, due to the soaring prices, people’s lives are difficult, and their business is cold and closed down.

After the 1970s, as plastic slippers generally appeared in the Chaoshan area, Mu Yan was gradually eliminated, and the craftsmanship of Muyu’s handicrafts also decreased year by year. It is now difficult to find.

Source: Chaoshan Encyclopedia

Chaoshan Muji

Chaoshan Muji