The unsuitable commute travel bag, the Osprey Radial backpack in Xinhai Amoy


Author: pspiao

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

The original poster used to use the O family’s bag before, 28L of com about, and found what AIRSCAPE grid back to find the back of the back of the goggle in two years is purely nonsense or sweating. In addition, the host’s back is easy to sweat. In addition, there are some disadvantages (the details will be described later), which has always been promoted. It happened that the kettle bag on both sides of the bag was damaged due to the long years of disrepair, and finally found a reasonable reason and the LD application for a package (in fact, I just want to buy a new bag to be corrupted).

The requirements of the shape are mainly the following: 1) the carrying must be breathable, 2) the independent warehouse of the notebook is convenient for commuting, 3) Simple travel is also suitable, 4) It must be easy to get the side bag (kettle and other things are good) Essence Finally, in the middle of several packages, the Osprey’s bag was still selected: Radial 26L cycling commute bag (black), 34L to choose from, it feels a bit big, 26L. When the JD address is seen, it is actually Haitao.

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

Osprey American Eagle Radial 26 Light 26 -liter Pack Bags Cycling Pack Computer Bad …

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

ER, the bags on the website are not very good. The actual bag is as follows. The above is a trademark, and the fixture of the cylinder hats is very practical for cycling enthusiasts. It can be easily on the right on the right side. The landlord does not ride, so he can’t show a hat photo. The reason why you buy a cycling model is to use the same back breathable effect as the riders. Below is a big net pocket with a lock. There are anti -light strips next to the side, and there are 2 large -side bags on the side (34L version and zipper). There are loose ropes in the two side bags. You can strengthen the kettle or other items to ensure that it is not dropped. I value the side bags, especially when traveling to some domestic scenic spots and countries (such as Singapore, Japan) without losing garbage is the minimum quality and respect for the environment. (So ​​the old bag is broken first …).

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

The back of the bag, this is the burden of AIRSPEED, the entire frame is fixed, and the middle is a net, which separates the bag from the back. I also like this bag. Most of them are equipped with outdoor bags, which are not suitable for commuting. This Radial is positioned in the middle, just suitable for me. Last week, I walked to the park and walked during the day without any sweat on the back, very satisfied! (The strap and various logo are also anti -light strips. About because of the cycling bag, there are many anti -light strips, and it is safer to carry a black bag at night.)

Take a detailed photo on the back and the effect of isolation and breathable after the back. For reference.

The partitions of the bag are divided into 4 layers, and they all have independent zippers. From the back, the notebooks and tablets are the laptop, the main cabin, auxiliary cabin, and the front bag. All zippers are YKK and a small handle (the approximate effect is convenient gloves). You can notice that the cabin of the notebook is waterproof zipper to protect electronic products!

Let’s talk about the notebook and the iPad cabin first. This bag has a separate isolation compartment to put the notebook, and the opening is not large to prevent the computer from drawing out. This bag is not the same as my Comet. COMET only isolated a sub -bag in the main bag. Go repeatedly to beat the host’s back. The independent warehouse of this bag is very tight, obviously there is no such situation, but this is an unexpected reward after getting the bag. Then there is a side bag of an iPad tablet. The mesh woven layer in the middle layer is very soft. Whether it is a separate notebook or an iPad and a pen book, it is very safe.

The main cabin is introduced below. The main cabin is 180 degrees. The main cabin also found another additional advantage, that is, these three middle and upper network pockets. In the past, there was a problem with the bag. They are piled up at the bottom, causing the bottom to be piled into a fat man, but the space on it is very wasteful, and it is inconvenient to get something. With these three net pockets, you can put some slightly volumes, such as baby milk pots, lens, glasses boxes, large mobile power supply and other items in it for easy picking. This design also gives a heart of praise. In addition, there is also a lock -lock file layer that can put some A4 -sized files.

Then there is a secondary cabin, which isolate a lot, and there is nothing special. The basic packets are like this. The only highlight is that one of the soft fabrics lining is suitable for special grids such as glasses and mobile phones.

There is also an outer bag on the outermost. You can put some common access cards, headphones, and a special plastic keychain. You can hang it on it to prevent loss.

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

The Raincover zipper bag at the bottom of the bag is a self -rain cover, which can be pulled out of rainy days. It is usually used as a buffer at the bottom. It is also suitable for emergency situations for outdoor and commuting. The color is eye -catching yellow, which is beneficial to the insufficient sight of rainy days. PS: There is also a riding taillight hanging point next to it.

Because half of the commuting bag, this bag of belt can also be taken down as an advantage. The COMET’s previous belt is unsightly. After all, it is only used for outdoor. This bag is black again, I think there is nothing wrong with removing the belt for business.

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

Test summary of the advantages:

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

1.Airspeed’s breathable framework, like some pure outdoor bags of Osprey, is very good to test it by itself without sweating. The wide shoulder strap is also used to comfort. And due to the frame structure, the weight of the carrying is more dispersed.

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

2. There are independent notebooks+tablet warehouses and flexible materials isolation and protection

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

3. Comes with a rain cover, pretty good

4. The belt can be removed, and you can commute when you are not outdoors

5. There are 3 practical item net pockets in the upper part of the main bag, which can use space and convenient use.

6. In addition to 2 elastic net pockets on the 2nd side, there is a big bag with a buckle on the front. This is the big advantage that I didn’t mention just now. The original comet is a useless big handle. Now I can easily explore it backwards. It is easy to pick up some common volumes of items (recently released a large insulation bottle for baby milk, practical!). I personally put a micro -single when preparing to travel. When I see the right, I took it back and shot it backhand. I don’t need to open the main bag! (Of course, don’t do this in the city).

7. Remove some of the horizontal handle that is useless to me. There are many anti -light strips, which adds to the riding hat clip and taillight hanging point), especially for urban commuting, simple outdoor, riding target group

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

Speaking of advantages and disadvantages:

不易积汗的通勤旅游包,新海淘的Osprey Radial背包

1. The breathable carrier frame causes too much. When there is little thing, the frame space is also strong. It cannot be as soft as other bags, and heavier than ordinary bags.

2. I feel that the volume is almost inferior to other bags (but also because of the space occupying space). If you choose 34L, you may feel large and not suitable for commuting.

Finally, put a 26L backpack upper body size for reference. Whether to choose a larger 34L to see the amount of commuting.